Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't Call Me When I am Zzzzz

I realized most people like to call me when I was sleeping.
Always received call in morning from family or friends.
I remembered my friend borrowed her friend hp to call me early in the morning then I thought may be anonymous so I told her "Wrong Number" and hang up.
She called me second time and asked me to take breakfast with her.
I asked who are you, she said you guess la....
I got pissed off and %&$#@ to her then hang up again haha.
And then she called again and she became smart this time,
she said I am XXX before I $%^$%^@.

People asked me why you don't set silent so no need to worry others call you in morning.
I scare in case any emergency family or friends can't reach me so I rather they interrupt my sleeping.
So friends, please call me after 12pm except emergency haha.
Thank you for your cooperation.



Ling Min said...

Zz early, wake up early... yr tummy n yr panda eyes r getting bigger... n yr skin is getting rougher.... so pls... zz early n wake up early... we will still love to disturb yr sweet dream... lol!

ljyoong88 said...
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ljyoong88 said...

babi lu~
so kuat tidur!

hueminlicious said...

If u dare to call me I will wake u up when u fin on call 36 hours then bc home zz like a pig..

Rong ge...u also kuat tidur de lo...