Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time flies

Hair cut done on Thursday, no more curly hair!
I rejected to dye my hair because I think it is annoying when hair grow after few months, need to dye and dye...never ending process.
I miss my straight hair but I don't feel like to rebond.
Just let it be natural this time.


Last few days I receive news from friend saying that 1 Malaysia book voucher will be given to Malaysian university students.
I was happy because MMU students are eligible to get this RM200 book voucher.
I even asked Ellyn go STAD ask unfortunately staff didn't want to reveal when we can go collect it.
She asked us to check bulletin everyday....ish!
Many universities friends got their voucher on Tuesday but MMU was "efficiency".
Yesterday friend sent me message that we can collect on next Monday...finally!
Check here


For those who don't like reading or don't have any books or stationery to buy, they might sell the vouchers but I read Garis Panduan saying that " Pelajar boleh manggunakan baucar ini di mana-mana kedai buku yang menyertai pelaksanaan inisiatif ini. Pelajar perlulah mengisi nama dan kad pengenalan di baucar tersebut. Pelajar perlu menunjukan kad pengenalan ketika menggunakan baucar ini."
Take note if you consider to sell or buy vouchers from others and especially for MMU students, you are required to write your name and IC no. on all 4 vouchers at the counter.

Off to dinner. Bye


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