Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Part II

I hope How to book CHEAP-TILL-DIE Air Asia Ticket Part 1 would give some helps on your booking process.Some friends came to me and said I pointed out their thinking especially in number 2:Always confirm number of people going before sales start so no more mistake next time ok.They said check normal rate first then compare with sale rate is really helpful to avoid hiccup.Glad to hear that because I usually did this before sales start due to my kiasu and stingy.I want to write part II before I forget everything.

4. Sign up for account and add guest details into Family and Friends List before sale starts
Imagine you have waited for 15 minutes in waiting room and now you can start to book your 10 family/friends ticket but you only have 10 minutes to complete the booking, how you gonna fill in 10 people details within 10 minutes?With this Family and Friends list, you can store maximum of 10 people details and just simply select by ticking the names of guest without fill in the form one by one. Save your time and energy of $%^#% Air Asia!

5. Always have back up plan before sale starts
Sometimes you want to go too many places but you have tight budget which can choose a country to go so I suggest you to have back up plan if your Plan A don't work.Normally my travel plan is Plan A fails go to Plan B, Plan B fails go Plan C, if Plan C fails means I got no luck and wait for next time promotion.When people found out their ideal destination was fully booked or price increased they only started to think what else places I can go..too late for you, when you set up your mind to go another country, ticket fully booked again! Unless you are dying to go your only one ideal destination, I personally think having few choices with back up is a good idea.

6. Double check before you pay
Today friend called me and asked why her flight to Bali costs RM220 while others only need to pay RM165. Air Asia is smart enough to trap people especially for newbie who is gan jeong and excited for the first trip.Sometimes people want booking process to be fast due to 10 minutes limit and end up paying more.Air Asia will charge you from few things if you do not alert with it.

Counter check-in: RM10
They just started to use counter check-in which you need to pay last/this month. I never used counter check in because there is a long queue and when you are rushing in time you will get crazy with it. Now they even want people to pay for check in so please fully utilize your Internet, use web check in.Click here for Web Check-in Tutorial.Another type is mobile check in.I tried before and when I want to collect my boarding pass the machine took long time which around 30 seconds to print out and I was gan jeong because I thought the machine was rosak. I think web check in is most convenient way to check in.

Pick a seat
I never picked a seat because I think it is useless for me.Normally people like to pick front seat because they can walk out the plane earlier.Please beware that choose a seat is not free! Everytime Air Asia gave me middle seat or behind..Behind is near to toilet and you can peep on stewardess.Sitting in middle can take photo of aircraft wing so don't waste your money to pick a seat.

Although I am kiasi, I am more stingy as I think I won't so back luck to kena air crash gua..For domestic flight I think you can just skip it. For old people or other diseases people, I think is better to buy insurance.买个安心也好。

I realized last few times when I booked ticket, I didn't alert with luggage check in and the total amount which cost higher.I double check and found out if I didn't state anything in luggage, then it auto change to luggage up to 15kg which is around RM35 for one way if not mistaken. So choose no checked bag means you don't have any luggage. Honestly, if you choose luggage I suggest you to buy a cheap luggage because my friend and my luggage rosak when we traveled from KL to Penang. I was pek cek but didn't go to complain due to jet lag from Taiwan back to Malaysia and flight was delayed few hours.I didn't know whether they have improvement on luggage issue, so anyone of you have experience about it, share with me.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy your trip!

How to book CHEAP-TILL-DIE Air Asia Ticket? Part 1

Air Asia Sales is hot topic in facebook now and I saw everyone was posting like:"Yeah finally i booked ticket to Bali" or "WTF? Why I cant access to Air Asia?" and this funny status: "FOREVER waiting room, and i can feel that the room is very big but very sempit, and the door is very small." from Cai Cai. I received call and few facebook messages from friends yesterday to ask me how to book ticket in Air Asia and details about it. Since I am free I will share my own experience on booking ticket.

1. Always alert with Air Asia Free Seat/Big Sales/ Zero Fair.
Follow Air Asia Facebook to get latest information. This year February I booked ticket to Hanoi (travel date: October) although it is not free seat/zero fair they still having sales that time. I think the sales on February is pretty good because it wont cause you into waiting room and wait till pek cek yet only have 10 minutes for booking.The ticket I booked to Hanoi was RM150(air fare) + RM90(tax),total was RM240 per pax.Yesterday I checked ticket to Hanoi on next year October, although the air fare only RM60 the tax was RM150 so total was RM210...Oh ya starting from 2011, Air Asia will charge fuel surcharge...yala still cheaper than February sales but depends on everyone. If you don't want to get mad with the problem of waiting room then I suggested you can go for February sales. I booked Hanoi ticket when I was at Miri and I thought everyone will squeeze into buying ticket but out of my expectation the booking process was so smooth..but everything has its black side, there is not much destinations you can choose to go as free seat/zero fair. For 10 cents sales, I also booked ticket to Bangkok because the airfare only RM0.20, yes it was RM0.20 believe you was RM100.20 with tax included. I still don't get meaning of Free Seats because I thought the air fare would be free but friend booked to Bangkok costed RM 160 but still cheap till die.

2. Always confirm number of people going on travel before sales start.
Friends always complain to me that her/his friends said see first..see first whenever Air Asia got sales. See first always end up with nothing I tell you! So my suggestion is you guys can check the normal rate of ticket and estimate yourself the sale rate would be given and then set a budget that you can afford. And of course lastly set the month that you would like to go travel so during sales you no need to waste your time to ask one by one:"Eh, you want to go Taiwan?" For me, I think 2 or 4 people will be the best to travel.4 people is best to share taxi and 2 suitable for couple traveling.Honestly I don't like group of people to travel together especially when u have 10 people.We said 10 people 10 mouth..a bit hard to reach the balance especially when you guys plan together for accommodation,transport and tour.

3. Always check the place you going to travel is peak/low season.
If you want to travel in Malaysia there is no season for you and you can travel anytime except Kelantan and Terengganu.Many people like to go Bali and Taiwan so I list out the best travel period for this 2 countries. For Bali, January until March and October until December is wet season while April until September is dry season.June until September is most suitable time to travel to Bali.For Taiwan, I traveled to there before on November and it was winter season. The weather was cold but it was most comfortable season for traveling. Actually Taiwan is year round destination but I dislike summer because it is hot! Living in Malaysia for 20 years still go to a hot place definitely not my choice unless there is something attract me.However, for ladies if go within winter season then you are hard to get clothes because they all selling winter clothes.
Survey the place's weather before you want to book ticket because sometimes tickets are cheap in low season but what if you need to face typhoon,monsoon?Peak season has its disadvantages, hotel price increased and flooded with tourist then everything will become more expensive.I booked ticket to Bangkok on March and it is super hot and peak season..I am self-contradictory as I mention i hate summer but now I am going to bangkok which is hotter than Malaysia!

Ok, I guess you guys must read until almost fall asleep..there is much to share but I guess tonight only write the part 2. I used like 1 hour to write this post so give me some response la..I mean some comments else I will hate you guys.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Felix treat me eat Baskin Robin.
Next time try green tea flavor ok?

Souvenir given by bf's parent from Beijing.

Cheap cheap indian rice with super big portion

Went to see antique table and cupboard for our room.
This is cute and costs only RM50 coz it is secondhand from Indonesia.
We didnt buy it coz dad said it was just normal wood only.

This chair is free as we bought table and cupboard and thank to dad and sister bargain skill.

I am just too lazy to update so put all things in a post.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

登~登~登~ 隆重登场


我说你应该选牛仔裤或者短裤来搭配,哪里有人配ah pek长裤的。








第二天我们去了Queensbay。 这一次我把老豆的衬衫带过去要不然我又要被ngor一整天。 去Brands Outlet选裤子的时候, 我和大姐竟然选一件红色的短裤给老豆,







我的名句: 旅行是生活,生活是旅行。