Friday, July 30, 2010


Yesterday 6 of us: papa, mama, ajie, erjie, Jing Zhong and I went to Neway to sing k.
My very first time to Neway, sua gu !
We booked from 11am until 3pm because this was cheapest price for this session,
only cost RM 68 for 6 person !
Cheap till die ~~
Another reason was nobody going to sing k during that time except who was free like us.

My hair is really long !
Look like a ghost.

My sotong udon mee.
Very delicious even better and bigger size than Sushi King.
Before this I filled up my stomach with Neway buffet so after having this udon mee I was super full so couldn't try the porridge which my dad said nice.

Forgot what is called just knew the size was big.

Mr and Mrs Ang
Dad said he never sing k in Malaysia since he sing at taiwan at 1987.....
They sing very old generation song like 邓丽君、陈雷
Luckily I still knew how to sing a bit.

They all so happy !
Me too because not I paid haha

My Vincci flat,
bought at Jusco Member's Day with Win Naa.
My first time to wear size 5 hehe

Fuiyooo see her expression.
Dad accompanied sister sing Jay Chou's song.

Sister and Jing Zhong.
A pretty photo because both of you were blur haha

Why er jie like to close her eyes when singing?
Perhaps this is the way she get into the song I think.
Dad was so busy !
Makan sambil singing !

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love Klang's Foods

Just now went to Klang pasar malam with parent and sister.
Walked 15 minutes to buy nice and delicious dinner was totally worth than having dinner at high class restaurant.

Pulau Ketam fried lala
A famous food stall which is recommended by 8TV's Ho Chak.
If you think this kind of foods sell by old uncle then you are wrong I tell you.
A polite young man !
He also sell oyster fried but I never tried before.

This is cook by mum, 咸菜魔鬼鱼.
It remind me of Hong Kong entertainment cooking program, 美女厨房.
Few hot chicks cook it and all judges puked it out !

Kuey Kak also called 萝卜糕.
When I studied at Melaka first few weeks I couldn't find kuey kak then only realised malaccan called it 萝卜糕.

Popiah !
This popiah is very big and only costs RM 3.50 to fill up your stomach.
Big thumb up !

My sister showed me her degree congregations.
Bachelor of Medicine, with Honours

Purposely told me she was first class and took photo of this.
Hao liao dao


Monday, July 26, 2010

Bon Odori

I nearly forget to post this bon odori trip until I read other blog.
2 weeks ago boyfriend and I joined JLS for this trip.
Due to not enough sleep the day before trip,
I slept all way from Malacca until Mid Valley.
When we reached Mid Valley I was so blur and keep asking wtf we doing here, aren't we suppose to go Shah Alam?
We spent 4 hours by window shopping and went to WCG.

We reached Panasonic stadium around 5pm and we were lucky because the weather was good !
Saw many people queue up just to buy japanese foods.
I have a good boyfriend who willing to queue up buy foods for me..I know I am hao lian so what?

RM 12 !

Kuet Tai and Zhan Xin
Luckily we joined them else me and boyfriend going to bored till die at there.

Many people dance on field except us standing at there and being pushed by crowded.
I personally think the dance and music were boring and made me yawning all the time..may be I am the one who don't know how to enjoy this.

The blogger and Zhan Xin

Lol he is fat !

今日名句:Do more less complaint

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My New Toy !

I got my new toy this morning.
When mum took out the box for me I saw was Canon Ixus 130 IS in orange !
Before this my sister told me she bought me Ixus 105 IS silver because she said 130 is more expensive besides the price increased to 170 pounds and 105 only costs 130++ pounds.

Canon Ixus 105 IS
I named it as 阿银 (pronounce in cantonese).
Boyfriend said a typical ugly name hehe.

Yeah ! I can snap my uni life and keep it as memory.
i already gave it a name, 大chio.
Another weird name I know.
Too bad I don't have memory card now so can't upload any photos.

A big thanks you to my sister.
She spent around 90 pounds + 83 pounds voucher to buy a compact camera for me.
I love you !


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sister Graduation

Dad and mum went to Manchester last month to attend sister's convocation.
Brother and sister couldn't make it because they need to work while I don't have holidays and stuck in MMU...
Begging mum to let me go for at least 1 or 2 weeks but failed because mum said we are going for 1 month and travel to Czech soon so you better concentrate on your studies.
Sien ~~

Family photo without me, kor kor and ajie.
Perhaps we can take another family photo when you guys back.

Dad and mum.
Didn't see them wear this for ages.
My mama is pretty right?
You better say so.

I wonder my dad still hug me next year on my graduation because I keep gaining weight.
Forget about my diet plan.

Jing Zhong and my sis.
Both of them are JPA holder, wonder their future children will be a genius?

2nd doctor in family.

Congrats Dr Ang
I am proud of you !


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I had serious headache this morning.
Woke up at 630am then headache though it was just short term headache so just ignored and prepared to go class.
At the end I skipped 4 hours class and panadol doesn't help at all.
Don't feel like talking whenever people asked me what's wrong with you.

I don't know why I am writing this..erm just feel like writing will calm myself.


Monday, July 19, 2010


I fall in love with LOMO !
Last time I was planning to buy a digital lomo because it doesn't need film so you can snap many photos as you like.
Check this out: I want LOMO
Doreen bought one and she claimed that the shutter speed is too slow.
I browsed forum and found out film is still the best, the output is totally different with digital one.

Here is 10 rules of lomography:
  1. Take your camera everywhere you go
  2. Use it any time – day and night
  3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
  4. Try the shot from the hip
  5. Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible
  6. Don’t think
  7. Be fast
  8. You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film
  9. Afterwards either
  10. Don’t worry about any rules

Just now I searching lomo and found this.
Some forums recommended this model is suitable and good for beginner like me but friend said there is no beginner in lomo...Just shot !
Some friends who are playing lomo comment this model is nice and cheaper compared with Diana and Holga.

Ultra Wide and Slim
Film type: 135 (35mm)
Price: RM 110

Yellow is chio right?

This one is limited edition.
RM 120

I like the feature especially lomo has the awesome vignetting effect.
Besides that, jelly lens can be used on it for more effects such as wide angle, sparkle, macro and etc.

Lomo Fish Eye 2.
Friend is using this one and good comment on it.
This is more expensive RM 240-280.

Here is the links if you interested in Lomo

I need saving from now.
Stop shopping and eating too much will be helpful I guess.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jalan and Cari Makan

See my title?
Obviously my diet plan is failed.
I ate 2 ice cream before outing then only realized I am on diet !
Then I keep reminding myself later don't eat too much...
Nah..I failed again !

First station: 煮炒
Location: Opposite of 培德 high school

I am Tweety Min
Just cut my fringe at The Cuts before went out.
Bao Qing said: nice
Felix said: not nice

Mee goreng
Spicy lover will obsess with this piquant but too oily for me.

Marmite 排骨
I not really like marmite surprisingly it tasted very nice and good.
Thumb up for it !
I would go there for second time after midterm break.
Friend said you need to get there earlier else you need to wait for a long time because always full of people.
I got the contact number from Bao Qing: 06-2816584.
He always call to order before he go so less time consuming.

2nd station: Capitol Cockle and Shellfish Stall
Location: Bunga Raya
A stall recommended by 8tv's Ho Chiak.
My 4th time to there.
I don't like cockle and shellfish because I cannot tahan the fishy smell and mosquitoes like my blood.

Da bao the famous o jian to the stall.
The best o jian I tried.

Doreen's boiled cockles.
Last time I ate and almost puked out everything.

Sotong kangkung.
Taste good with their homemade chili sauce although it was watery.
For short people like me they won't find difficulty to sit at half feet tall table.
For tall people better find a normal table.

After makan we went jalan jalan.
Long Gor purposely posed this

Group photo
I hate to stand beside tall guy when taking photos.

3rd station: 粥家村
Location: Melaka Raya
Erm...this is 油条actually but inside got something..
I don't know what it called,
I just know how to open my mouth and eat.

Just a simple dish but yummy !
It made me think back the moment I cookedd porridge with housemate.
Thought the size was small and porridge is hardly to fill up stomach so ordered a medium and share with Doreen end up we full till die.

I hate caraway (香菜) so I always called it 臭菜.
I dislike people to put it on foods as flavoring.

4th station: Pillow Bar
Location: Melaka Raya ( Opposite of Wok and Pan )

People went there for heart talking but we talk like we are at mamak.
Long gor jokes made us can't stop laughing.
Sometimes alcohol will clear your mind.

A simple outing before midterm break.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Decrease 1 KG can get RM 100 !

Few weeks ago had a chat with boyfriend and suddenly he challenge me:
If you decrease 1 kg I give you RM100
If you increase 1 cup I give you RM200

Then I post it at Facebook and lots of comments about this.
Notice the red circle?
Low Yoke Wai challenge me with super duper sohai idea.
How you going to increase your weight in the mean time to decrease your cup?
Siao ~~ I think nobody will success on it.

Last week I got few comments from friends when I was in campus.
Whenever they saw me they started to ask and comment on me:
Oh my god ! Huemin, you are fatter now no wonder your bf want you to keep fit.
Eh, you fast fast win the challange and belanja us go makan !
Huemin, which challange you choose? Take the cup one is more worth !
Some of them are devil I tell you !
Wei, you keep fit later your cup also hilang haha...
Huemin, let's go eat ice cream ( Yeah, my housemate keep pursuing me go buy an ice cream but she failed to do so )
Huemin, you just eat a little bit enough meh? Eat more are so petite.
Huemin, this Friday night we go jalan and cari makan ! ( I will join but I wont eat so much like I used to be )

I asked my house owner to lend me weight scale on Monday.
I thought it should be 42-43 kg surprisingly I am only 41 kg....
But how come my 41 kg look is fatter than my last time 42kg look?
My housemate taught me to cheat Xiao Soon.
She helped me adjust the weight scale and took 2 photos.
One is real weight another one is fake one: 42.5kg and asked me show to Xiao Soon haha.

This is my first time to keep fit and now I only realised how ladies suffer from this.
For 21 years, my weight is increasing but now want me to decrease it is damn hard for me.
You can't eat so much and eat whatever you is tortured me because I am kuat makan and tam chiak !
I don't know how many days will take me back to 40kg.
5 days?
1 week?
1 month?
I just hope it is ASAP and after getting the money I can eat much as I can because the stupid guy never said: If you increase back your weight I will take back RM 100.

Brother's girlfriend suggested me if I succeed in either, I can share my tips.
Good idea !
Because my blog never provide value to readers and now I should provide some information they can use.

What I need to do now is stick at my plan and pray hard !
Good luck to myself


Saturday, July 10, 2010


I decided to buy Canon Ixus 130 IS but the price suddenly increased so much, from 147 pounds up to 175 pounds, sigh ! If the price don't decrease before 18th July, sister going to buy me 110 IS. I am worrying that 110 price will increase too, u know la Amazon price is different everyday, today is 139 pounds tomorrow turn to 199 pounds. I pray hard 130 price will decrease in this few days.

This weekend I stay at home instead of going out. First, I need to complete homework, assignment and of course my "beloved" FYP. This semester lecturers like to give us homework, every week need to do 4 subjects homework, FIST change policy kah? Saturday is going to end Sunday is coming...time flew so fast yet I still slacking at here. I hope tomorrow I can come out something. I don't want feel guilty because of unproductive weekend.

Had a little chat with friends just now. Some people think others treat them good is a must and they never appreciate it. They used to accept the goods and help from others naturally. They think they deserve it so they started to act like you must treat me nice but I won't pay you back anything. Some people lived for so many years but their brain is full with worm, full of silliness. They never think if one day all people leave him/her, how he/she gonna live? Some of them worse, they said I appreciate what you did but inside they only treat you a tool. Who you think you are? I am so sick of this kind people but this is reality and I do have few friends who behave this. Sounds sarcastic right? I am used to it and I learn to become smart and protective but don't worry I am still who I am.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Geographer + Arena

A sudden plan to Geographer with housemates on Tuesday night.

I love going there to listen some uncle singing english songs, heart talking with friends instead of going clubbing.
Too bad weekdays is not crowded and only few tables was there.

Me, Pei See ( neighbour ) and Ah Bi.

Roe, the girl who speak loudly and always forget to unlock toilet door.

Again, I curled my hair.

We can't feel the environment and we got bored after an hour sitting at there so another sudden plan to Arena !
Yeah, my very first time clubbing at Malacca although have been study here for 3 years.
Not so much people clubbing on Tuesday and we enjoyed a lot !
I just simply love girls outing.