Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have no idea why I edited my photo became this. Wrong clicking button and I found out it is ok at least not scare people off. I seldom put photo in blog because I don't snap photo as I don't have a camera and handphone's camera is not enough for me. I am regretting why I shouldn't get myself a camera few years ago as I am enjoying my uni life. I should snap more photos with friends before graduating because the photo only will keep the memory forever.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and yeah a pink day of Baskin Robin. I want to have it badly especially the green tea flavor. Who can bring me go tomorrow? I want it I want it ! An ice cream and donut will make me more energetic and happy all the time.

Last week I complained my weekend is boring without outing. I take it back now hehe because I am going to Tangkak for housemate birthday party. They have been asking us few time to go Tangkak but we never went. I heard Tangkak is famous of beef noddle and I want to try it ! I also want to pasar malam to buy cheap cheap clothes that housemate claimed that they are cheap and nice ! This afternoon I got message from Kai Hong there is 4 tickets to go bon odori. Boyfriend and I want to go before but too bad the bus is full and we don't wan to drive there. I was quite happy because my friend who went before told me it was great and I should go to experience it although I am not so into Japanese culture. Thanks to her I can go now hiak hiak. I want my weekend to be meaningful and rewarding with the person I care but of course not to forget my studies as well.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Before moving to SP I took few photos of Lunas house.
But only the living room and dining room photos taken because I forgot to snap room photos before I went back to Melaka.
Slap myself !

The living room.
Lot of people say our living room look great but I don't think so may be I lived here for 17 years and I adapted to everything at home.
What I like most is the vintage wallpaper.
Mummy said when we moved in I was only 4 and you know la children like drawing especially on wall.
She told me cannot draw on wall and I listened to her thats why the wall is clean haha.
I am a good daughter. Ehem

Ignore the table which is fulled with my stuffs.
Table change to wood and I forget where is the original one.
The only bad is the distance between tv and sofa is too near and whole family wear spec haha.

There is a crystal pendant lamp but dad took it down to new house.
I love the ceiling, elegant and simple.

The dining room.
The left room is bedroom and right one is studying room.
I like dining table as it is in black and big enough for 6 person to dine in.
Spot the white thing?
We used to put letters and leaflet on table...multifunctional.

My parent like planting as we got lot of plants at home..even at toilet also got.

This midterm break i am going back to SP, not Lunas anymore.
I love Lunas indeed more than SP because I lived here for 17 years and lot of memories I will never forget.
Nvm, although house is sold I still can go back anytime as I know the new house owner haha.
I am saying : I love Lunas !


Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Little Bed

Ta dah ~~ Here is my snug little bed. Girl's bed always full with teddy bear right? Spot the 4 dogs? My boyfriend gave me them but I don't hug them anymore. I used to hug the black because sometimes when I wake up it is not with me but on floor. You know la we don't usually see dirt on black so it is ok for me to throw on floor whenever I had nightmare. Now I just put them beside me although I don't like many stuff on my bed...I just got no place to put them so just left them on bed.

Just now i put 3 more which I bought at Jonker.
I got 10 total, 7 on bed, 1 at boyfriend house, 2 in my room.
I can't put the two on bed because it is too big and they will occupy the space.

There is another 2 pillow for me to use when I sleep.
I don't hug it but put it close to wall because I have bad sleeping pose.
May be I used to sleep queen size bed in hometown and now change to single bed made me always get bruise on knee.

We are happy family.

See my bedsheet...21 years old still using a cartoon bed sheet and it is depigment.
Even pillow also in cartoon..
Shhhhh..........I miss hometown bed badly !


Tuesday, June 22, 2010







Monday, June 21, 2010

Japanese Kill Me ba

Forcing myself to read Japanese as tomorrow got quiz.
I don't want to get zero for that although it is pass/fail subject.
Friends keep telling me is easy but I don't think so because I dislike Japanese.
May be Japanese for them is quite easy because they got interested in it but I am definitely not in love with this.
You may ask why you don't take French or Arabian?
I went to FET asked and they said priority leave for engineering students and is full.
Damn it !
I should take it few semester ago.
Regret also no use,
what I need to do is to read it, write it and pass it...


Toy Story

Hang out with long time no see friends, Ming Ping and Win Naa for Toy Story 3.
It had been ages we don't hang out together too bad Uncle went to Ipoh for internship so he couldn't join us.
Went to Old Newton for dinner after purchsing ticket.
Asam fish always is my favourite.
Headed to AEON since there was still lot of time.
Win Naa and I keep trying shoes and the guys always sitting at sofa.
They asked us buy so many shoes for what.
Girl answer: Different occasion different shoes

Toy Story 3
A simple and touching story.

I like Mr and Mrs Potato.
They were fun and cute !

With Win Naa before movie.
I wish i got the same height with her so I don't have any problem when I buy clothes.
My fringe is too long and annoyed me.
Its time to go hair cut.

Hang out with long time no see friends is greats !
We chat and jokes a lot although we don't see each other for ages yet time can't cause alienation of our friendships.
I hope there will be more outing for us before I go training.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

My coming baby: Canon

See my title?
My coming baby: Canon

Sister promised to get me a digital camera if I achieved results.
She asked me to choose but I like all of them so don't know which one should I buy.

Canon IXUS 100 IS
The slimmest IXUS and I like it in red.
Fresh and young style.

Canon IXUS 105 IS
The newest IXUS.
The cheapest among 100, 110, 120 and 130 IS,
only 143 pounds.

Pink also not bad right?

Canon IXUS 110 IS
2.8 inch but boyfriend said better don't choose a touch screen one.

Canon IXUS 120 IS
One of my wish list.
Too bad it is too expensive for my sis so forget about this.

Canon IXUS 130 IS
I like the fish eye effect.
It make me think of lomo.
I don't like the pink one because it look too sharp for me.
Black is preferable but black is more expensive than other colors.

I email my sister few days ago about this.
Last time she said she will check mail and reply me when she travel to Germany.
I have been waiting for few days and check mail everyday yet there is empty message.
I even fb her for this.
Hey Ang Ling Min please reply me asap.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Precious

I am short term memory loss so I better post it before I forget.
Last Saturday Tat Heng came down to Malacca.
There was only 3 of us went to Calanthe Art Cafe because others were busy.
When Tat Heng told me Nelson was in flight I thought he went travel.
Tat Heng said : 他在驾飞机啦!
I almost forgot he is future pilot haha.
Okok back to topic.
This cafe claimed that they combined 13 states cafe of Malaysia but none of us order coffee because we dont want to get insomnia.
I order something like peppermint milkshake and it taste nice !

Love the environment and cosy feeling made me didn't want to leave.

Leave nothing but footprint

I always love french fries but I can't eat too much because pimples keep popping out.

I used Ken's DSLR to snap photo and once I finished snap I threw it back to him because it was to heavy for me.
DC will be more suitable for me.

After jonker walk we continue our yam cha at Wings Cafe.
Others came to join us.
Jasmine tea.
Friend who knows me well they know I am jasmine lover.
Perfume and body shampoo also in jasmine hehe.

Catherine was working as Pepsi promoter at MP.
See her face : I am good promoter even finish working I am still promoting pepsi !

I think Tat Heng must be tired till hardly open his eyes.

The best GAY partner

The lovely couple, MJ and Nelson

Construct camp gang.
We called it CC gang.

The next day we went to sing k at Gogo.
Yeah we are wearing same spec.

David joined us and he sang well !

After that we went to jonker again.
Everytime friends come to Malacca I will bring them to Jonker.
King of Sandals
The king is going to get marry on 12/12/2012.
So romantic !

MJ and I were maid of honor and Ken is king.

Lol look like family photo.

He forced me to pose like this.

MJ is so happy haha

Ignore my face.

Ken brought us to eat mee siam.

The weather is so hot so we decided to go Sam Suk Gong to eat cendol.
I asked Ken to guess the price.
I told him they cost only RM 86.50 each then he doubt it so I looked again.
Its RM 386.50 !
Who gonna buy a dustbin cost RM 300 ++ ?

I love this.
If it really cost RM 86.50 I will buy and put it at new house.

Before eating

Here comes cendol Malacca.
It was too much for me luckily I shared with Tat Heng.
It taste nice especially not putting too much gula melaka because I am kinda resist of it.

Only RM 1.50 each and buy 5 free 1.
Next time I will go buy again.

My ugly eating pose.

We took dinner at Sakura House.
I love prawn so I ordered this but It tasted so so only.
Rice was too dry and prawn was insipid but the price was cheap.

We were not satisfied so continued for second round.
Cheese Steamboat !
This restaurant has few types of steamboat: Tomyam, herbal, cheese and etc and the most famous one was cheese steamboat.

It looked like the food that people puke.
When it served Tat Heng and I think like we didn't really want to try it.
After we tasted it we fell in love with it.
Our mouth non stop eating although we were full.
Happy at beginning bankrupt at the end.
When the bill came we got shock because we only ordered 2 person meal and it cost us RM 43 but it was worth to try it.
We back home at 12.

We have been 1 year didn't hang out together and I miss the time when we yam cha, KL trip, movies...
I appreciate you guys because you all always take care of me and treat me like little sister.
You all warm my heart and teach me a lot.
I am looking forward for convocation, the next reunion.
Hope all of us can gather together.