Sunday, May 23, 2010


currently i m using e71 to blog so this will be a short post. I dont have internet at hometown so i cant blog. Last week i got inspiration after i watch a short movie so i wrote my love concept in chinese in microsoft word. I am so bored so i translate it into english but i am not gonna post it today because i haven finish it. Actually this post is pointless..i just cant off my hand to blog haha..byebye.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Holiday mode on !
I have planned for my 3 weeks holidays before back to hometown.
Hang out with friends ? Yes !
Spent time with family ? Yes !
Watch HK and US dramas ? Yes !
Read novels? Yes !
Eat anything that Malacca don't have ? Yes !

I told my hometown friends I will go back on Wednesday noon.
Ah Hiang told me they are planning to go Sungai Petani water theme park.
I want go find Ping Ling for manicure.
I want go find Ah Hiang for gossiping.
I want go find other friends for yam cha and badminton.
Hope we can make it.

Everytime when I back to hometown my house only left parent and I.
Brother and sisters working and studying oversea then left me this younger daughter.
This is one of the advantages being youngest.
I love to watch drama whole day at home although dad keep scolding me for too much dramas but sometimes he will sit down and watch with me.
I love the foods mum cook.
Last time I list down what I want mum to cook for me when I back home but I lost the list.
Nevermind I can list down again.
Sometimes mum will ignore me when I said I want to eat laksa she cook.
This time brother and sister will back so I guess I got chance to eat what I want.
I wanna go home now !

Tons of dramas are waiting for me.

Don't have too much time on drama because this semester is freaking busy.
Lay on sofa and enjoy drama is relax and happy.
A little thing can brighten up my day.
I love Hong Kong drama because the actors and story line is interesting.
The English drama can help me improved English and every episods startled my heart.
Drama marathon here I come ~~

I used to read novel when secondary school but my habit was gone since I came to MMU.

However I find my reading habit back when Gamma year.
Sister gave me 2 novels on March but I haven finish reading neither one of them.
I just finished a novel : Who Moved My Cheese.
Strongly recommended this novel !
When study week I bought 2 english novels from Popular.
The Memory House Keeper's Daughter and The 5 People You Meet in Heaven.
2nd book rebate 50 % so why don't grab them to home?
Few days ago I grab another novels: Have a Little Faith and The Lovely Bones.
Currently I am reading The Lovely Bones now.
I don't have much money to buy english version which costs me RM 36 and I have been spent a lot recently so chinese version which is only RM 18 would attracted me more.
I just reading 1/3 of it but it touched my heart.
Wendy asked me to blog about it but my chinese is limited edition so have to think about it.
Now I regret why I only brought back 2 novels ( The Lovely Bones and Have a Little Faith ).
I can finish a novel within 2 days.
Stupid me !

Lastly I am starving to Lunas's foods !

Especially jawa mee and laksa.
Malacca don't have jawa mee but friend told me Old Town got yet I never tried it before.
Malacca laksa is totally different with hometown laksa.
Although I can find Penang asam laksa at Malacca I still can't find the taste I want.
Some are tasteless, some are too spicy bla bla bla....
I am gonna eat eat eat as much as I can hiak hiak
Hometown food is the best !


Study Week

Every student's life turn out differently during study week.
For those who usually get to bed at 12 like me definitely tortured when they forced their brain to memorize hundreds of formulas and theories 24 hours non stop.
When our stress has risen to limit we tend to act anticly and started to do something humorously
Parents startled if they see these photos.

Date: Last sememster
Time: The night before Data Communication paper
Venue: Doreen house

We were freezing like Eskimo.
You must be thinking why don't off the air cond?
I tell you we are wacky person.
The feeling of cold-till-wanna-die would help in stimulating brain to function better.

We were so bored so what we do to entertain ourselves?
Exchange spec just for fun.

He forced me to eat.
I forgot what was that.

The best photo of last semester study week.
His face is so lechery which made me felt to have a punch on him.

This semester we improved better as we got new member: Felix
I was bored that night then I asked Felix to tie my hair.
Here is the "product".
Designers: Felix
Stylist: Doreen
Photographer: Bao Qing

Hello, I am Miss Leong Ah Chan from Kampung Lapan.
You wanna try me?

They fully utilize the hair clips.
Look like dinasour haha

An erotic art

You see !
I was so concentrating although they keep kacau my hair.

I hate this frog because it looks ugly and salacious.
It looked like gonna pee on my head.
Yucks !

The feeling of study alone and group study was totally different.
I don't like burn midnight oil during study weeks especially midnight because the loneliness always erode my study mood and I end up going to sleep instead of study.
Revision with coursemates make me feel better and more energetic although our mouth keep talking and laughing.
Thanks to them taught me a lot in Computer Networks, which is my weakest subject.
I love you guys !

We used to go out take supper around 1am when we were hungry and felt want to relax ourselves for awhile.
May be you guys will think that I rather use this 45 minutes to read couple of more pages instead of going out eat supper which is wasting my time and unhealthy.
But hey I am gonna tell you you are wrong !
Studying with empty stomach is not good at all.
We need some foods to help us focus and improve concentration on study but don't eat so much.
We went out to take supper because we want to get rid of books for a moment.
Try relax yourself without thinking of anything related to exams for half an hour then back to study.
You will find it is incredible !
Okok I know I mumble too much....

p/s: I got thousand of things to update...may be tonight update again?


Monday, May 3, 2010

Not In Mood

I am freaking not in mood now.
Yesterday period came at night when I was at Doreen house.
"She" likes to visit me during communication....
When she came I will be super duper tired and sleep 15 hours per day.
The fretful one is painful !
I can't sleep well,
can't eat anything I like,
can't drink the cold,
can't concentrate on studies,
can't wash my hair everyday,
waist aches till I only can lay on bed.
When I woke up this morning I felt like going to die.
My mood is down to blue.
So I have decided to give myself a break by relaxing myself with dramas and facebook for 4 hours.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

So "Free" to Blog

I set alarm on Thursday 8.45a.m for course registration.
When I heard alarm I thought it was Xiao Soon handphone's alarm and waked him up to turn off alarm because he always set alarm but never turn it off.
Xiao Soon said it is yours not mine.
Then I only remembered I need to register course for next semester and jumped out from bed.
When I tried to login I saw You are finally barred.
I couldn't believe what I saw and tried login again but failed.
Then I started to pek cek and try to figure out why I barred by finance.
I checked my finance statement and saw I still owe MMU RM 55.
The RM 50 for insurance is added on 7th April just before 2 days of due date for paying tuition fees.
I paid my tuition fee earlier so never knew about insurance was added.
MMU always asking students pay tuition fee early but they work inefficient !
I went to finance to unbar and the worker asked me : Did you submit direct debit form of PTPTN?
I said yes then she said no record for it and asked me when I submitted.
Luckily when she checked record she said: Yaya, you have submitted so can unbar.
Finance didn't record my form and barred me.........Shit they only know how to eat and sleep but never knew how to work efficient !
Wasting my time !

This few days weather is freaking hot like you are going to burn yourself.
Saw many people complained weather in Facebook and said they couldn't get themselves into studies because of the super duper hot weather.
Some even complained that library is full of people and it is noisy like pasar.
I don't know students go there for talking or studying.
I am lucky because Xiao Soon room got air cond so can avoid sauna and concentrate in revision.
But you know la study at home awhile then your mind and body will move computer and login to facebook or watch drama then you only realized you have wasted a lot of time and quickly back to study yet after half an hour you will started to doze off and end up sleeping 2-3 hours.
My self-control is sucks although I keep telling myself no facebook no drama I still can't resist them thats why I don't have excellent results but at least this semester I improved a bit because I have horrible exam schedule which is 6,7,8,10,11,12.
Yeah 3 days continuously break 1 day and 3 days continuously.
I hope my last paper on last day rather than all squeezed together.
Yaya I know some of you may say study and prepare earlier so no need to worry so much but I tell you it is really hard to implement this theory.
Even I do revision earlier I will forget everything after 3 days so last minutes study is more suitable for me I think?
Bad student !
I know I am going to burn midnight oil soon but I swear I will try to study as much as I can and score it !
Good luck.