Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As you know, Xiao Soon is japanese food lover so he brought me went to Sushi King for dinner.
The another reason is he got cash voucher so we can order what we like without looking at price.

Ordered tori miso yaki don as I like to eat chicken.
It tasted nice and stimulated my appetite.
Rate: 8/10

I got a free scoop green tea ice cream when purchased don.
The very first time for me to eat green tea ice cream and I am so in love to it !
Xiao Soon even gave me his ice cream hehe.

I love this photo because this is the most normal photo he had.
Wendy Chan said he looked like JJ....pui pui pui !
Don't insult JJ haha.

We used cash voucher to pay for this dinner.
RM 40 included taxes with full of satisfaction.
Still left RM 60 voucher.
May be later AEON 's sushi king can use it again.

Last week went to Tesco with Xiao Soon and Uncle Hong.
You know final is coming so we don't have enough time to go out eat and study is you need to fully utilize your brain to remember all theories that you have revised and it always cause people get hungry.
So instant noodles will be a good companion for students.

Saw this Starbucks coffee drinks.
This canned drink costs RM 8.90.
A very mini size of coffee and it is not enough for coffee lovers.
I rather go to Starbucks to buy mocha and enjoy the environment at there with my novel.

Bought OXY as a lot of pimples popped out on my face recently.
Use it everyday to kill ache bacteria.
Hope final won't my face look pale.

I got a lot of things to blog especially about my lovely family too bad time is passing too fast.
I wish there is 48 hours per day so I got enough time to prepare for final.
Yah I know it is a lame excuse for last minute student.
Enough crapping..off to study.

今日心情:等下去AEON hoho!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am Hue Min not Hui Min

A lot of people always spell wrong my name.
They write Hui Min because a lot of chinese girl named Hui Min and it is common name but halo mine is Hue Min la!
Don't ask me why my parent named me as Hue Min but not Hui Min...I don't know !
Malay, Indian even international lecturers and teachers pronounce my name as Hu Min when they take attendance then my coursemates would laugh at me.
It is ok for me until Mr Jayakumar called me Hu Min everytime in hacking class.
I feel weird and dislike people pronounce wrongly my name no matter what race of he is.
Now my fyp supervisor is him again and I guess he will pronounce Hu Min again.
Nevermind I will tell him about this.
Sometimes I am quite worry when groupmate submit assignment they write Ang Hui Min instead of Ang Hue Min.
Luckily it never went wrong before.
So again, my name is Ang Hue Min not Ang Hui Min.


Friday, April 23, 2010



1. 多运动 0%
从来没有实行过因为不断给自己一大堆借口:考试啦,assignment啦等。现在多给自己一个理由:final要到料,书都读不完还要运动?erm, final前跑一两次咯!加油吧!

2. 慈善 0%

3. 早睡早起 50%

4. 考好成绩 30%

5.数码相机 0%

旅行 50%
这个十月会和alpha coursemates一起去Langkawi,很开心因为我们很久没有聚在一起了,尤其是Cyber那几只。之前本来打算和coursemates去金马伦可是因为交通问题所以被逼取消。不过没关系,我们可以再计划一下。

7. 环保 20%

8.关心时事 20%

9. 煮东西 0%

10. 情绪管理 20%



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy Life

I have abandoned my blog for a week because I was kinda busy for assignments and presentation.
This week is the hardest week to pass among 13 weeks.
Finally I have submitted Computer Network assignment.
Yesterday we had demo for this assignment and we were extremely nervous because we copied from Internet which was plagiarism.
Many groups copied too so lecturer found out !
When we demo the stupid code blocks cannot compile our codes.
Luckily lecturer was in good mood so she just said nevermind but marks will be deducted due to plagiarism.
I hope she wont be too strict and lenient to us.

The second assignment was Web-based Computing, the hardest assignment in this semester.
Always worry that we couldn't finish in time and I had became fretful.
Didn't really know how to draw DFD and ERD diagram as our system was simple.
Luckily still managed to get references from friends and Internet.
When we demo our assignment to Mr Sohael,
He said: "Just like this ? So simple."
I told him: "Sir, simple is perfect."
Thank god we have passed this assignment.
At least we got 10/20.
Now depends on documentation.
I hope my report won't make sir headache and vomit.

Usually I will do face mask after final exam due to lack of sleep.
After i finished 3 assignments in few days I realized some pimples pop out on my face so decided to use face mask for purpose of relaxing.
I got 18 face masks but i seldom use them because I am lazy.
Whitening, moisturizing...apa type, apa brand pun ada.
I love mask because it just bring comfortable and marvelous feelings to me.


Monday, April 12, 2010


Finally I finished my Ethics assignments.Left Web Based and Computer Networks assignments. Yesterday night we went to Pei Wen house to do Web Based assignment.I told them about what my other faculty friends think about web based. Some of friends are blogger too so they thought what we need to do is only copy html code from website then modify it and submit. Halo, If we can retrieve the codes from website I think no company would like to hire programmer to design their own website. Besides that how you gonna see the php? If you can find it, I belanja you eat !

See my planner....schedule is fulled. This semester is driving everyone crazy.Fyp title will be released this week.I am so gan jiong !

I found there was RM 10 Starbucks voucher on Xiao Soon table. Feel like to steal it. Later we will go Sushi King for lunch since we have RM 100 voucher and Sushi King is doing RM 2 promotion now !

Bye.Have a nice day.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yesterday I was doing Resource Management at campus whole day with coursemates. Some questions are hard and tricky even our 4 flat students, Zhen Yee can't solve on it. There was 2 part of questions: part A is calculations which we learn in lecture while part B is applying algorithm that we learn into programming. Luckily this project is group work else I will die badly. Due to lack of sleep, I did careless mistakes in Floyd algorithm. Luckily I asked Loong Gor to help me checked correctness of answer else marks will be deduct.I don't know where lecturer found the question as I feel like scold shitting on him. We need to write a program by using programming language to solve linear programming problem...sound like you want us to fail your subject and retake huh? Next week gonna ask him to provide the solution else I will make sure he will go to free course as the evaluation for lecturer is fail.That day I has MSN chat with Wendy about assignment after reading her blog. She claims that after she posting many people came to find her and ask her for assignments solutions. I told her my opinion about engineering student's Kiasuness. I told her that I can feel that there are many kiasu students in engineering.( sorry, no offence to engineering students) I feel so lucky as I don't have kiasu coursemates. All my coursemates are nice and lovely. When I seeking help from them in assignments and academic they will teach me until I understand. Sometimes when I don't understand something and mumble to myself without asking help from others, my coursemate will say: Come, take a paper and pen I teach you.We corporate in assignments although we are from different group. Exchanging and copying answer is what we usually do haha. Some friends even sharing their source code for programming subjects. When we want to copy their hardwork that they have been work for many days they never said no and only asked us to modify it so that lecturer won't find out plagiarism.I appreciate you guys!

I don't have much time to spend with Xiao Soon as both of us are too busy this week. I need to finish 3 assignments in a little time and he keep doing part time job whole week. Guess what I did?I wrote a letter for him about my daily routine because I am a careless and forgetful person, worry that after few days I will forget everything I did so writing will do the job. Just a simple letter with my broken chinese. I still got a lot of things to talk and share with him but too much things to do in a little time. Perhaps next weekend we have time do dine in and some chit chat.

Okok enough nagging.Should continue my assignments.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am lack of time

Finally finished all my midterms today.
Can't lecturer schedule test on earlier week?
Some lecturers claim that if we having midterm on week 12 or 13,
then we no need to study again during final.
I disagree because I am forgetful.
Today exam tomorrow forget everything.

Now we need to rush for 5 assignments.
Argh.........how am I going to do it?
1 assignment submit tomorrow then 3 on next week another one is week 14.
Guess I have to reduce my time on drama and complete mountain of projects.
After finish projects need to prepare for final.
Busy nia ~~

It has been 5 days we don't dinner together.
Both of us are busy with our own stuff till we text each other more than talking.
When you back from work I already in dream.
When I at home you go to campus or working.
I know you miss me right?
There is something I would want to tell you
So eat as much as you can.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Decison to Make

Did you guys notice I blog these few days?
Am I too free?
Honestly I don't have much time to spare.
I just need a space to relax and shout out and blog will be the one who calm me and giving me a moment of silence.
Worry about FYP which I going to take on next sem.
I still waver over FYP title and couldn't make decision on it.
Before this I went for Miss Ooi and I will be under her yet I don't interested project in Bio-metrics.
Then I hesitate whether I should choose title about cryptography because I am quite interested in it besides that Dr Heng is a super nice people.
That day Jin Zhe told us she is top 10 supervisor in Cryptography field in world.
She is such a brilliant lecturer that I ever met before and she taught me Applied Cryptography last sem and I scored in that subject.
She is a friendly and good lecturer so I would like to choose her but when I saw previous year FYP title about cryptography I starting to vacillate again.
Encryption, decryption, public key, private key will drive me crazy !
Next week title will be released so I must make my decision by this week.
What should I do?
Cham lo.......


Monday, April 5, 2010

Boring so I blog

Honestly I don't like rebben on top but this clothes just attracted me and it beg me to buy it. ( Ok, I know I am not good in jokes ).
70% discount thats why i can't resist on it.

Last week I bought a formal bag from Vintage Polaroid as I craving it for a long time but always couldn't find a suitable because some are too pricy and look like aunty style.
Thanks to Win Naa intro some nice website for me.

Received it on Wednesday and straight used it for my formal presentation.
Very nice quality I can say !
Guess how much ?
It just costs RM 42 !

Can use it as sling and clutch.
Nice or not?
You better say nice.

Don't scold me that I waste money for this.
Next year will be my industrial training and I can use this bag as it is a good companion.

Nowadays Malaysia politician involved in embezzlement and corruption is just affect our country reputation.
I think Malaysia may be swallowed to decay one day don't you think?
Government always puff how clever and efficient they are in doing jobs and project but when fault comes they just neglect it or even throw the bomb to others.
Thats why Malaysia never get improved and achievement !


Sunday, April 4, 2010


Last weekend went to Klang because Lingmin is back from Taiwan and next day flew back to Machester so I purposely went there to meet her for family gathering.
Before this Xiao Soon and I passed through Cyberjaya to take lunch with Kuet Tai and his girlfriend, Zhan Xin.
Lunch at Sushi Zenmai which is located at Sunway Pyramid.

Xiao Soon ordered raw beef soup and it taste nicely !

I personally like the foods at there because price is reasonable and cheaper than Sushi King.
I used to dislike salad their salad tempted me.
It was hard to refuse it.
A savory japanese foods I can said.
When we paid bills there was so many people queue up at entrance.
Perhaps should go there next time.

At night, we dinner at cousin house.

I keep asking mum to look at camera and smile but she just ignored me and asked me don't kacau her.

You see my sister.I guess she is just too excited.

Dishes prepared by cousin and mum.

Dad is just a light bulb by sitting between aunty and uncle.
After dinner we just sitting and chatting.
Dad talking about politics with uncle and aunty while cousin, sister and I chit chat about life.

The tall family: aunty and cousins

The short family: Rueymin, mum and I.

Family photo.

The next day we had JCW appreciation dinner at Le Garden.
Never went there before because heard a lot bad comments about it but since it was free and all friends were going so why not giving try?
At first we thought they would prepare steamboat for us somehow it was buffet which little choices only that you wouldn't want to eat so much.

It was my first time and last time for Le Garden.


Friday, April 2, 2010


Life is miserable sometimes.
Everything is messed up and goes wrong in what you have decided it before.

You think you have control over everything in your life yet it doesn't go smoothly but ends up with ruinous.
Imperfect, sorrow, regret always vanquish optimism perhaps the worse would win eventually.
Fight for victory is not easy as you think because many issues will make a wreck of hope and depression will turn to despair.

Family and friends are the one you can count on but only yourself manage to stand up to fight
till the end.
Get away from despair and start afresh is the only way to success.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Too much to blog !

Too much to blog with little time !
This few days so much things pop out in my mind that I would like to blog about it but tests and assignments is killing me one by one.
After tomorrow paper I will blog.

The list:
1. My Family Members
2. Family Gathering
3. 2010 new year progress
4. Life
5. News

Erm..I should continue with my boring notes.