Sunday, November 29, 2009


Using Kah Min's laptop to blog now.
Weekend ends,
its time back to reality.
Still have 2 midterms and 2 assignments.
Another busy week for me but i enjoy it especially no need to see TIS lecturer, Mr Choco.
Plan to finish Computer Security assignment within 2 days but can't on9 so I just clean my room and study as midterm is on next Thursday.
Its time to back to study.
I hope i really study.

Next post: Muar Trip

Bye bye.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

What students do during class?

Felix's cute pencil case is f***ing my bottle.
Yucks !

Good student always sleep in the class.

KKM's hawaii pants and my dress.


Monday, November 16, 2009


1.我、保庆、long gor、leong的library locker的位置很靠近,结果拿东西的时候会撞在一起,每次我都是最后一个才挤进去。






Friday, November 13, 2009

24 hours is not enough !

Recently I am so busy with school stuff.
28 hours class per week....activities....assignments....quizes...
Short sem is more hectic than long sem but i just love it coz only taking 3 or 4 subjects.
The unbelievable things is I became JPW committee.
I am going to teach people cook japanese food.
Nah..I know you guys response.

Last weekend went to KLCC aquaria which was organised by MMU Divers Club.
The price is so cheappppppp!
After that went to Times Square.
Shopping alone coz Xiao Soon and Uncle went to Lowyat as i didnt want to go there.
Erm..I still prefer to Sunway.
Hope next 2 sem the club will organise again then this time I want to go with Doreen and BQ haha.

This week is a very hectic week for me.
Monday-practise 团康 for CNYE camp
Tuesday-Divers Club meeting
Wednesday-JPW general meeting
Thursday-Bar camp briefing
Saturday and Sunday-Bar camp
Super busy...
I want to sleep gao gao after this but midterm is coming......

今日心情:Mr Low真的很搞笑!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sir Happy Birthday !

We planned to give our LOVELY tutor,Mr Lim Kian Ming a birthday surprise on Tueday.
Plan should be run on last Thursday but Mr Lim went to do "research".
Lets the phot so the talking.

At CLC waiting for BQ.
You see Soon sensitive to camera.
Long Gor's lan gat made me laughed haha.

Before this i booked consultation.
I pretend to ask question about tutorial.
When he was searching solution I found a reason to excuse myself.
Doreen they all stand by at outside.

Mr Lim so surprise!

Doreen forced him to do this.

Giving birthday card ceremony.

Mr Lim and his wife who is also FIST lecturer.
Group picture

Monday, November 9, 2009




Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pala papapa I m lovin it

Last Tuesday we went to MBO's md after Dodo and BQ finished meeting.
Me, Dodo and BQ bought happy meal.
Last time I had happy meal was primary school.

Our guitar.
Don't doubt it can be play.
Rockzz man !

This is call 深情对望

See Long Gor's face banyak pattern la !

Me and Eric was so concentrating to hear KKM's talk.


Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last weekend I went to Giant to do part time job.
Promoter for F&N fruit free fresh drinks.
I am so hardworking hehe.

Aunty come to buy come to buy ~~

I still remember this uncle drink so much but luckily he got bought.

Pretending promote to Pei Wen.
Ah Boon I know I am pretty dont keep looking at me la

I promote vegetables and fruits drinks to Jia Hen.
I told him this is good for detox.
He shock and said dont wan haha.

Working at there was boring.
Need to keep promoting the drinks to customer.
Some customers were very nice and friendly,
some are lan si....
When I was smiling to promote the drinks actually inside my heart I scold customer : If dont wan to buy go away la..dont kacau la ish!
This is reality.
Overall the job is kinda boring but at least the salary is ok haha.

我的名句:当你遇到不开心的事情时,真心的朋友不会一味地站在你那边,他们会客观跟你分析 整件事情。