Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I asked someone: If god let u choose only one of us can alive who will you to choose?
He said: You.
"Because if I die you will be sad.If you die I am the one who will sad so you sad is better.
"Kanasai la you !"

I asked someone: If one day i become a fat lady will you leave me?
He said: Ya.

I asked someone: If I disappear in one day what will you do?
He said: i will find a new girlfriend.
"You go to die la!"

This is so called boyfriend.


Monday, August 24, 2009


I am back !
Actually i dont go to anywhere..
just busy with studies.

Book Fest
Last week went to KL book fest with friends.
A lot of people there..just realized malaysian also got reading this habbit.
Bought 3 books:中国自助游、私房地图for dad、灿烂千阳.
I am broke now shit!

I am half dead because of this.
Last week Cyber P project made me become darker.
Luckily we managed to earn some $$.
This Saturday gonna die with 2 tests:Java Programming and BHM.
Start on last week,
every weekend need to go campus to practise acting.
Still left 3 assignments to submit.
I haven start anyone of them.
Not enough time for me!