Saturday, May 23, 2009

Leong's Birthday

Leong's birthday was on 19 May but we were having finals so decided to celebrate her birthday on next day.
We pakat with her mum to give her big surprise.
We set up everything at her house's ground floor.
Then her mum asked her to came down.
When she came down and saw us,
she shout like why you all are here?

Make a wish.

We bought 2 slices of secret recipe for this girl.

This KKM laughed like xiao kia la.

She is guessing these wishes were written by who.
You got a bit noob on guessing hehe

Birthday girl with birthday card.

Big birthday card for Leong.
I am the first one who wrote this card haha.

Leong took it out and tried to coax Baby to move into new house.
It was scare at first.

This is the pink cage that we bought.
Too bad dont have Leong's favourite blue colour.
This cage is bigger than older.

Baby can jump and slack freely.

I feel like wanna put it into owen and eat it!
Wendy gonna kill me if i do this.

Cute right?
Don't cheat by it's innocent face.
It will bite you.


After celebration we went to Pantai Puteri and ate roti john.
Then headed home.
Happy Birthday!
Wish all your dreams come true.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Study tips

How to study last minute especially you are slacker?

1.It's definitely much more appealing when there is someone with us to turn studying into interaction quiz.
-Derrick, Yeong Yau and I were asking question each other to increase memory and it worked.

2.Prioritize you work.Make a list of things you need to learn for everyday and stick to it.
-I had my own schedule of studying during finals.

3.Keep practicing question. The more comfortable you are with answering exam question now, the more comfortable you will be in exam.
-Past year paper is best way to test how do we understand what we have learnt.

4.If you are having difficulty of studying at home, try to study in campus.It will force you into a situation where you dont have choice to do your studies.
-I will slack at home so this few days I go to campus to do revision.

5.Stay healthy by taking regular breaks, eating healthy getting enough sleep.
-I wake up at 9 almost everyday to study and sleep around 12.Healthy life..


Friday, May 15, 2009


Left 5 days for final.
Time is the most valuable resource for me.
i had arrange times for studies but i didn't stick to my schedule.
Sometimes I could dribble away this valuable time.
Avoiding study is easy for me.
Follow schedule that I prepared can be tough.

At the same time,
memorize is tortured me.
Maths in morning and physical security in afternoon.
i dislike Physical because it is unlike maths it doesn't need thinking skills but memorising skill is a must.
If study too early for this subject i will forget everything.
If cram at last minute I will regret why I don't study earlier.
Anyone can teach me how to become a super student?


Friday, May 8, 2009

Final is Coming Soon

See my title?
I still left 11 days to sit for final.
My preparation is 5%.
I think some students also burn midnight oil like me?
I'm not going to do this.
This semester I changed a bit at least I am not lazy as last semester.
Yet this is not enough for me.
I should stop playing on internet,
don't watch too much drama,
stop putting off what i have to do,
don't let anything else distract me.

Tomorrow will go to town for special mission.
May be go to Mydin to buy Kinder Bueno because last time asked Pei Wen helped me buy it then her sis thought it was hers and ate it.Haha
Going to watch drama.