Monday, April 27, 2009


This week is already week 12.
I had learnt nothing in this semester.
I never learn anything in MMU?
Times flied and people changed.
We all getting busy like wth !
Life was flooded with assignments, midterm test, lab test, quizes, presentation.
I am used to with this all the time.
Some people may ask me will you get tention with this?
A little stress can enhance our ability to perform well under pressure.
I will try to tolerate stress and have optimistic attitude.

今日心情:想赶快做完data structure assignment!

Friday, April 24, 2009


After finish Machine lab test,
I was confined to library by studies.
The feeling of having 2 tests had made me fall to schizophrenia.
Luckily I had a bunch of nice coursemates who studied with me,
you guys made me feel at least I am not alone.

A fly paused on our table.
My first reaction was took my notes and hit my target.
The boys were shock by me.
The fly was at last gap and I wanted to hit it again but stopped by Jia Hen and Bao Qing.
Poor fly finally flied away and left it's cripple leg on Bao Qing notes haha.

My 2 tests were sucks.
But this time I had tried my best


Friday, April 17, 2009

Ar Ha !

Just now fell asleep at 9 something then woke up at 1am.
Planned to study but failed so just come here to blog.

Yesterday Zhen Yee told me Cyber Law results out d.
Luckily I pass and our presentation got full marks.
It is nice to have a strong teammate, Zhen Yee.
Going to last 2 papers on next Wednesday,
TMA lab test and TMT midterm.
Both fall on same day which mean I have to study harder and earlier.
I don't want last minutes only burn night oil.
I want score this time on Math.
Machine Architecture?
God please bless me.
Finished fieldwork yesterday hoho.
Still left Data Structure assignment part II.
I am gonna torture by this.

Jusco Member Card Day
Went eat Sushi King because RM 2 promotion!
Dear asked me go shopping and he queue up.
Thanks ya!
The duration of eating have been limited to 45 minutes only.
Bought a short pants at Padini.
Nothing much to buy in JJ.
Only bought daily stuff.
I think Mydin is cheaper if compare with JJ.
I want to go Mydin.
I want to buy Kinder Bueno!

Have been selected for this event's wc.
I am so 'lucky' to be selected for publicity division's admin.
When Ah Fei told me I am admin,
I just walao ! Why me ?
Then when Program Division meeting,
'Good' news again.
I am 静态组组长。
I have no idea with this but I will do my best.


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Watched Fast and Furious with Xiao Fei, Bird and Xiao Hong Jie.
When i entered into cinema and sat down,
I just like: wei, I watched it before la..waste my money!
Almost fall asleep.

Celebrated Ze Fen's birthday at Gogo.
First time sing k in big room.
The view is quite nice!

Woke up early in the morning to find company for fieldwork..failed to find it.
Dear went back to hometown to celebrate his grandma's 70th birthday.
A bit emo on that day but someone is emoer than me haha.
Went pool and drink at night.
Didn't play pool and just sitting at there.
Felt happy when hanging out with them.
Indissoluble friendship!

Went find company again.
This time we found it wuakakaka.
Doing nothing at home whole day.
Although Data Structure midterm test just around the corner I still watching drama, movies..
Went to library studied at night.
We were planning something !
Secret ~~

Woke up at 12 due to this few days not getting enough sleep.
Lunch with Win Naa.
Listening to her story about her classmates.
Pity her to have this kind of friends.
Suppose to study now but end up with blogging.
Dear is on the way back to Malacca now.
*Jumping on bed !! haha


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Luckily I got YOU !!

I screw my Data Structure lab test this morning.
Wth when you coding in a lab without air cond?
It was totally disaster for me.
Just a simply question but I couldn't solve it.
After lab test I got nothing to do so went to ke po other people Math Tech II results.
I am not satisfy with my just ngam ngam pass results.
I thought I could score better.
Humph !!
Keep complaining my results and lab test to Xiao Soon.
Poor him..
always need to hear I humming haha..
and dear always let me cool down then his arms will do the charm.
It's the warmness of his hands.
Due to too much complaining my mouth was exhausted and I just slept on chair.
Fell asleep again at 7pm.
Dear tried to wake me this piggy but failed.
I just remember I asked him to go away and don't disturb me.
Sorry dear !
Woke up at 10.30pm.
Dear tried to coax me to sleep back but failed again.
Hey, I m not a pig all the times la..
Went yam cha with friends around 12.
Guys were gossiping about their housemate haha.
Back home then sitting in front of com until now.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

I love Cupcakes !!

If you eat them without hesitate, you are devil


18SX !!!

Be mine

This is so sweet !

Don't just you love them?
I want it !