Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Crap

1. Add new links into my blog:bagyhouse, jojowardrobe, onestop3008.Click it.

2.Xiao Soon bought me bros bottle.Yipee!!

3.Check out the link: Blogger. I had add some bloggers.

4.Going back to hometown on this Saturday.Yeah !!

5.Need to finish Physical Security assignment by today.Gosh!! Another 4 pages...

6.Check out my chinese blog:hmin0128

7.Leave me comments.Thanks


Friday, March 13, 2009


Price : RM 12.90
My Bros bottle was missing when garden festival.
So must buy a new one.
Saw this bottle (550ml) at Carrefour.
Yellow and blue = perfect match.
Will buy when i go there again.

Price : RM 53
Saw this bag at Xiao Fei's sister website.
Love it so much but wont buy because I got too many bags to use.

Price : RM 1800
My dream phone.
8 mega pixels !
Damn cool man.

Price : RM2500-3000
My laptop sometimes is dysfunctional especially when I need laptop to do study or do assignment.
I prefer to Dell.
For me, I think I will choose white colour.

Price : RM 3000-4000
Plan to go Manchester to visit sister before I graduate.
Need to save a lot of money.
I need RM 3000 ++
Who want to borrow me?
Or may be you want to sponsor me?

Conclusion : All I need is money $$$$$$

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Had cyber law presentation this morning.
Quite nervous at first.
Keep telling Bao Qing: wei I nervous la how?
Luckily I didnt stammer..hehe.
After presentation lecture said : Only got 40 students here but how come got 80 signatures?
Then she started to check one by one.
I helped Ah Tong signed but she didnt find out.
After presentation me and Lun went find Tan Fei's pigeon hole.
We didnt see any pigeon hole until Bao Qing told us where it was...Sai la FIST!

I do math tutorial when data structure class.
Who ask the lecture so sien?
Went to cyber law tutorial after data structure.
Love cyber law tutorial so much because always dismiss earlier haha.
Back home took a bath then went to library until evening.
See I am so hardworking!!

Dinner at Herritage,my favourite restaurant.
Watched drama to relax myself hehe.
Ok ..
Going to study.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Yukata Workshop

Xiao Soon and I went to yukata workshop on this Wednesday.
Yen Eng brief us how to wear yukata.
For me it was a good experience!
Yen Eng, thanks for asking me to join this.
Here is the photos.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monthly Planner-March

5th-CLS Member Gathering
( Still thinking want to go or not )
6th-Return books
7th-Japanese Culture Night
9th-Submition of Data Sturucture assignment part I
( Mati )
10th-Cyber Law presentation
( I dislike presentation )
12th-Mathematical Techniques II midterm test I
( Who can teach me? I dont want to fail la )
15th-Da Jie's birthday
( I know what should i buy for her hehe )
16th-Machine Architecture midterm test
( Celaka ! )
18th-Physical Security test
( Why so many tests de? )
-Li Lin's birthday
( What present you want? )
19th-Data Structure quiz
( I hate Monir... )
20th-Submition of Physical Security report
23th-Midterm break
( Huray !!! )
24th-Bird's birthday
( No money buy present for you la bluek! )
29th-Rui Liang's birthday