Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Holidays

Dont ever ever ever watch it if you reject bloody !
I watch Happy Tree Friends when I am down.
I know you guys want to say I am abnormal.
Everyone has their own way to release stress.
Who cares?

Ya I know I am LAZY !!

Seriously I screwed up my Database paper.
Don't know what was I bla in the paper.
Regret also no use.
Just hope to do better in next paper.
Maths on Wednesday and Digital lab test on Thursday.
Have weekend+2 holidays =4 days to prepare.
Today is bf's birthday so will go celebrate+Wilber is coming to MP!
Left 3 days.
1 and half day use for Maths and another 1 and half day is for Digital.
Cannot be lazy this time.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Down Down Down

Supposed to study this noon since don't have class.
But I used the time to sleep and watch movie.
Plan is finish chapter 3-5.
Just finished chap 3 only.
I am so good at procrastinating!
Still have 90% to study.

I am so regret now.
But still don't have mood to study at all.
I am so down now!

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今日感想:今天没有吃到nasi lemak,不甘愿!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Last Weekend

Went to watch Death Race with Foo Foo.
The movie is awsome!
Must watch it if you guys haven.
Bought 中国北京奥运福娃娃.
Just RM39.90.

Foo overnight at my house and we went to yam zou cha at 10 next morning.
Then we went to tesco and carrefour.

Bought honey star.
Guess how much?
RM2 only!!
So cheap because the expired date is 13th of Sept.
Took lunch at 寿司屋.

Ordered 泡菜火锅.
Super YUMMY !!!!
Even my bf who hates kimchi also said very nice.
Back to home awhile then headed for summer concert.
This year summer was lao beh.
When the superstars came out all jadi diam diam.
Sien nia~
Satay celup after concert.
Queue up for 45 minutes.
Our da jie Foo Foo belanja us.
Reached home around 3 something.
Terus jadi babi.

今日感想:database竟然难过digital! 炸到

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just Nothing

Finally I have passed through TCE test.
It was freaking HARD and I couldn't finish the paper in time!

Called sis yesterday when she was in airport.
She reached Dubai airport this morning.
I am gonna miss you!

Foo Chuang Wen and Ah Sai are coming down today!
Can't wait to see them.

Our database paper's venue = A2
First time exam at lecturer hall.
Sure got a lot of people become 'giraffe neck'.

Today is another day for me.


Monday, August 18, 2008


Went to kl for Chinese Opera.
Departed at 5am and came back to Malacca at 12am.
Sleep from 3 stg until next day 1 stg hehe.

Digital test at Thursday.
418 slides to finish in 4 days.
Going to die....
Lecturer said almost 50 ++ will fail this mid term.
I dont want to be one of 50++.

Going to summer concert on this Saturday.
Can meet with Ah Sai and Chun Hua.
Can't wait to see them!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Suddenly I hate BUSY!!

Going to have Digital System test on next Thursday.
Hate this subject!
Going to seminar on this saturday.
Going to do Diving Club report.
Don't know how to do.
Going to Chinese Opera meeting tonight.
Sure can't go home early.
Going to have Database System test on next next Friday.
Still got a lot of time.
Going to have Mathematical Techniques test on next next Wednesday.
No need to worry so much!
Going to have Computer Programming quiz on next Monday.
Biasa liao la!
Going to submit Computer Programming Assignment 2 before September.
Going to pay tuition fee.
No $$..
Going to do Technical Communication report.
I hate report.
Going to have Technical Communication presentation.
If you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail.
Going to jump from Ixora 18th floor.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mock Meeting

Had mock meeting on Wednesday morning.
Brainstorming once we got the topic.
Reyhaneh (Prounce is Rihanna) was our chairperson.
She lead us and handle the meeting well.

After mock meeting,lecturer helped us to take photo.

With TVB actor ( my lecturer).
She likes to act.

All of us except Daniel.


Why so serious?

The ladies

Hessam and me..
Suddenly feel he is quite handsome.