Sunday, March 9, 2008


Zz until 230p.m.
Watched drama then zz again until 5 stg.
Study HD onlines notes but couldnt understand coz it is different with slides that lecturer gave us.
Play mahjong awhile.
Then went to yamcha.
Heard DAP won at Ayer Keroh.
Watched Spiderwick at midnight.
Nice movie.
Give 4 stars.
But love 1000 BC more.
Colin Farrell is handsome!

Woke up at 12 stg.
Helped him to clean his room.
Reading jokes with him from website.
Laughed till stomache.
Went to lunch with him and uncle at 4 stg.
So many shops closed.
Finally found one shop and took lunch.
Went to Jusco.
First time didnt buy anything.
Dinner at Sushi King.
Just ate a bit only.
Then msn awhile with classmates.
It's time to study.
Signing off.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What SHOULD i do

1.Academic essay.
2.IT Maths Assignment
3.Human Development Assignment.
4.Computing Statistic Assignment.
5.Physics Tutorial.
6.IT Maths Tutorial.
7.Computing Statistic Tutorial.

Too many homework and assignments to do.
Not enough time!
I wish there is 48 hours per day.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Birthday Boy

This post is special for KEN.
Happy Birthday
Happy 20.
Wish you all the best.
Wish you find your dream girl.
Friendship forever


Recently super busy.
Busy with test,quiz,presentation,meeting,booth,assignment,drama.
Monday-Physics paper
Wednesday-IT maths
Friday-Computing Satistics
Wednesday was the most busy day.
Had quiz early in the morning.
Luckily the quiz was easy.
Then presentation in afternoon.
Our group get the highest:85 marks.
Test at night.
I think i m gonna fail my physics coz i lost 7 marks out of 20.
I knew how to solve the question but i was careless.
I did wrong the first step so the following steps also bye bye.
Then3 marks question i dont know how to do.
So i lost 7+3=10 marks.
Thursday went to duty.
EK keep disturbing me but he helped me to draw ogive.
Friday morning got lab.
I hate lab.
After lab zz few hours then went to class.
Computing paper at 8pm.
Careless again.
Luckily just lost 2 or 3 marks only.
Went to MMU MD with classmates after test to discuss drama.
Next tuesday have to perform but we still havent come out our script because everyone was busy with test.
We add an extra ending.
Hope everyone can perform well.
Jia you!!
Went for Readline after discussion.
The movie was quite nice.
I love Natasha.
She is yeng and awsome.
Yam Cha with friends after movie.
Then watched drama.
Haven come out my script.
Later 2pm need to discuss..
No need to zzzzz..
What a busy life.