Monday, December 10, 2007

DONT READ unless u r boring

Saw these from website.
I love it.

The price is CHEAP !!
Sorry is Very x 281739 CHEAP....

I want to buy but my height is limited.
I wish I can grow more 5cm.
God please give me 5cm.
I need it.
Huemin A :I want to to buy.
Huemin B :Dont daydream.U r not enough tall to wear this.
Huemin A :But I really like them.
Huemin B :Wake up!
Huemin A :Ok i should stop dreaming.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Waste !!

Woke up late for campus.
Sorry la I slept at 645a.m. because something just ruined my mood.
Read my oldest post:I want to know the TRUTH.
Once reached class Mei Yee keep scolding me.
Today lecturer discussed past year midterm paper with us.
Eugene didnt bring the paper so I shared with him.
Manatau he took my paper and shared with Harsh.
Zha Dao!!
Not paying fully attention during class.
Daydream and craping with Meiyee and Zao Huei.

Then Probability tutorial class.
Our tutor was angry because nobody answered her question and do the tutorial.
She said:I m not RUGI also.
I think the IS would like ????
She asked us to complete the exercise in text book.
We told her Mdm. Assliza haven teach yet.
Ok..u cant believe what she said.
She:Nvm tomorrow she will teach u all and after her class is my class so i wil give u all a quiz.
Speechless la oi!

Went to pay tuition fee after class.
Forgot to take back my cimb card and IC from counter.

Luckily Kah Min was standing beside me.
How careless are you,Miss Ang!

Went home and gave sandwich maker to uncle.
Watched drama and ate cintan.
But I still hungry.

Went to library.
Wanted to study but not in mood.
And i am blogging in library now.

I need some foods!!
I miss MMU Mcd!

Ang Hue Min,
Dont waste your time.
Go to study la wei !!

I m off.

I want to knoe the TRUTH

Received an e-mail from Sharon.
Read it.

Threaten by MMU english lecturer Mr. S***s**.

Today morning 8.34am, while I was still sleeping suddenlly my phone rang a called from No. 06-25235** by Mr.S***s** .
The Conversation
Mr.S***s** : Are you Y*** H**.
Me : yes I am.
Mr. S***s** : Mr S***s** here, you just wake up from sleeping?
Me : yes sir.
Mr.S***s** : How was your english exam, is it ok?
Me : Not very confident.
Mr.S***s** : When is your last paper? what subject?
Me : Wednesday, Physic.
Mr.S***s** : I need to meet you up at 9.00am, can you make it?
Me : what's time now?
Mr.S***s** : 8.40am
Me : OK Sir
Mr.S***s** : Nevermind change to 9.30am
Me : OK Sir no problem.
Then I wake up quickly to wash my face and brush my teeth. 9.20am I was waiting Mr.S***s** outside his room ACR 30*4, on that time he was not inside his room. I wait until 9.28am Mr.S***s** is come, when he open his room he saw his roommate is there then he tell me there is exam answer sheet at his table and Im not allow to enter. (during he told me, he make a signal say his roommate is there). Then he decide to change venue to ch*ms*y lab, only both of us inside ch*ms*y lab.
Conversation Inside Ch*ms*y lab
Mr. S***s** : your english result really terrible, you will fail your final, now your answer sheet at another lecturer's room, they will check your paper by today and key in your marks tomorrow. I can help you to make you pass, I will ask some people to take out the answer sheet, after that I will give you a new answer sheet and answer you copy down all the answer. You find a place for both of us only to meet up again. But I need some money to pay for the person who help you. How much you can pay for it?
Me : I dont know the price. How much I need to pay??
Mr.S***s** : Need about thousand. If you take supplementary at second week, it already late for you to continue English 2 because 2nd semester is short semester only 8 weeks. But if you retake english 1 again it is very toublesome because you will join International Student they don't like to study and bad attitude that might affect your study.
Me : I don't have that much money.
Mr.S***s** : How much do you have now.
Me: I only have RM100++ in my account, my father not going to bank in money for me again because I will back on Wednesday, this amout of money enough for me to use in this few days.
Mr.S***s** : You give me your cellphone I sell it to get money. (Nokia N95)
Me : ... (quiet)
Mr.S***s** : You go back consider 1st, I will call you again.
Me : OK...
But he din't call me again...I'm not going to pay him even 1sen.I choose to retake or take supplementary paper.My International friend told me, Mr.S***s** charge RM250 per hour for extra lesson. Mr.Thum*** my physic lecturer gave us alot of free extra classes he never charge us even 1 ringgit, be worth I evaluate Mr.Thum*** Rate 5.First time I meet this case in my life, unbelievable a lecturer can do this such of thing on his student. Really shame on him. Wasted I evaluate him Rate 4.Ch*ms*y lab have CCTV, if anyone can get the video around 9.35am to 9.50am 8/10/2007 that will be evidence. But just can prove we met, because the CCTV does not record our conversation.All MMU students, you all are very welcome to give comments about this case.
Andy told me about this before having last paper in final.I got shock and like wat?R u serious?It just made me not in mood to sit for the paper.
I almost forget this case until I read an e-mail from Sharon.It just ruined my mood and make me cant fall asleep although now is 5.30a.m.
I know who is the lecturer.He was my English lecturer when first sem.Read my oldest post:UNI LIFE.I was praising him in my blog and guess wat?I evaluate him rate 5!I dont know whether it is true or not.What i hope is she/he slanders Mr.Shamsul and Mr.Shamsul never bribe.
I want to know the TRUTH!!Who can tell me?