Monday, April 30, 2007


If Everyone Cared

Nobody Cries
I m crazy

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Some Good News

  1. Bro came back !!
  2. I get my new hp and bag.
  3. Sis is coming back tomorrow.
  4. Going to MMU soon.Hope can meet with friends.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Yesterday I went to CRC to play badminton with Eu Jinn,Kar Hui and Zheng Xian.We booked for 1 hour but we played for 2 hours coz the uncle didnt halau us also so we just continued playing.It doesnt mean he is not a conscientious worker.He is kind.We cant stop laughing a moment when we played badminton.It was hilarious.When anyone of us cant catch the ball,we would say:"Never eat rice r?"(KFC's advertisement).There was a competition between us.Kar Hui and I were one team while Eu Jinn with Zheng Xian.Girls vs boys.N guess who won this game?Aiya its me and Kar Hui la !!We won by 15-6.Kar Hui beated them badly.Pity Eu Jinn and Zheng Xian,haha !!Then exchange partner:Zheng Xian and I,Eu Jinn and Kar Hui but no more competition.Eu Jinn and I made hay while the sun shines to kena each other.We made each other to run here and run there while Kar Hui still keep beating Zheng Xian,hehe.After that we had our dinner at KFC.Since we all 'never eat rice' so we ordered the meal which was advertised but I ordered Zinger burger.Thank you guys for belanja me makan KFC.Muakzz!!When we were eating,we saw an uncle garu his armpit exaggerative.Yuck!!But his action didnt influence on my mood to continued eating my burger.Then Zheng Xian and Eu Jinn started to talk about that uncle and they even copied his action just now and more disgusting.Phew..luckily i had finished my meal before they syiok sendiri at there.Poor Kar Hui coz that time she havent finish her meal and I think they had made her LOA,haha.Whole KFC was full of our laughing and yelling.Luckily nobody stare at us.After that we went home.

I watched Project Superstar.I love Diana.She is awesome and she had touched me.Suddenly I felt there was an emptiness in me somehow.I was losting myself.I dont know what happened to me.I felt blue and I cr....Luckily Leng sis cheer me up if not I am gonna.....And also Jun Jie this uncle who made me nearly pengsan with his syiok sendiri's talk.Thank u guys alot!!I m ok d.

Shit!Now is 4.50a.m and I cant fall asleep.Later have to go mountain climbing with friends at 7a.m and Keong will pick me up before 7a.m.Asked him what time come to my house and he said before 7a.m pulak.If later u pick me up at 6.30a.m I am gonna kick u.

Grrr.....actually I m exhaust now but still cant fall asleep.I hate insomnia !!My eyes are very bengkak now.I am a panda now.Anyone want to visit me at zoo?

Bla bla bla....stop talking nonsense.

Good nite or good morning?Whatever la..

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nothing Special

Now is 12.30a.m and I cant fall asleep coz it is too early for me to sleep.

Later i have to wake up at 5.30a.m.

N play badminton with frends but dont know what time.

Juz hope dont play at morning.

May be upload my photo tomolo coz someone keep complaining why my blog dont have any pic.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Weird Mum?!

Today mum kinda weird la.May be she is hyper happy+ecstatic coz sis told her that she got JPA's reply and she will go to either Man Utd or Edinburgh to continue her studies.*winks

My tummy=her tummy?
"What u want to eat?"
"Dont know."
"Dua Ban?"
"Dont want."
"Curry Mee?"
"Dont want."
"Hokkien Mee?"
"Dont want."
"What u want?"
"Erm...chay kuey teow."
"Dont want la,too oily.How bout chicken rice?"
"But just now u ate rice liao.U still want want to eat rice r?"
"How about wantan mee?"
"Aiya.. I think better buy u chicken rice la."

"Mum,u need to teach me how to cook.I dont want go mlc and eat outside everyday"
"Easy only.Juz throw all ingredients into wok la."
"Yala.Ur sis also cook like this."

"Jom we go jogging."
"Huh?Dont want la."
"Dont be so lazy la.U everyday sit at home and doing nothing."
"Ok go la."
"But very hot leh so better dont go la."

I have no idea with my mum..........speechless !!


Today I woke up at 10am
Early rite?
I show progress !
Later must buy myself an ice perasaan la me,lol !!
Actually mum set alarm for me,9.15a.m but i couldnt wake up and felt wanna throw the alarm.
Luckily I didnt.
I looked at the mirror and saw my shock-head.
Should I cut my hair or curl it or let it longer then only make decision?
I have no idea with it.

Then I online.
Had a short chat with bro in msn.
Yesterday I put my display name as huemin:I 1 2 eat tim sum !!
Bro saw it and said he will bring me go on next week.
(Thz to someone who made me want to eat tim sum)
U better dont break your promise if not I will cekik u.
Aiya..I should write:I want nike/adidas/roxy/BG/LV/FILA bag..

I phoned Eu Jinn but he wasnt at home and he off his hp.
Said wanna play badminton today but never told me what time....
and I m so stupid coz I also forgot to ask him the time.
I know where are you all the time.
U cant hide from me.
( Only someone will know what am I talking about.) should I spend my time?
Oh no!! I do them everyday.
Feel wanna go langgar wall..
Anyone can save me from BORED?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What I Need To Do ?

I still got 1 and half month to go MMU so there is something i have to do from now.

1.Learn how to cook
- Seriously i just know how to cook maggie,cintan,rice and fried egg.(Do not laugh at me) I have
been wasting 4 months for sleeping,eating n playing.I dont want to eat outside everyday when
I go to MMU.

2.Keep early hours
- I am used to keep late hours since spm and I neither take breakfast nor lunch but is brunch.It
sounds like save my time and money but I will die when I reach 50++.I want to rise with the
sun and become an early bird.Moreover,I dont want skip my class if my class at 8am.I need to
sleep before 12.30am and wake up at 7.30am but this plan will only start on may,haha.

3.Improve my english and hokkien
- My english and hokkien are Sdn Bhd.I should ace my 1119 paper but i only got B3.It was suck
and dissapointed.Although I am hokkien,I only can speak and understand it a bit only.I should
speak english and hokkien from now.

4.Start my studies
- Brother gave me a website and asked me go visit.He said MMU students (foundation of IT)
will learn it and he think I better learn it from now since I am so free.I am not a quick study
but i will try to cram for it.

5.Read all my novels
- I still have 3 novels to read.If I cant finish it I will bring them to MMU.Novels do help me to
count my thumb and release my stress.

- Haha,girl's hobby!!If I had my druthers,I'd go shopping from stay at home.I need to buy new
clothes but I am broke.Nevermind brother is coming back soon.*wink

7.Hang out with friends
- Now I seldom hang out with friends.Apao,Ginny and Ping Ling have started their F6. I have no
idea with IBM why start F6 on April.Han Yong went to NS on last month.I start to miss him
and have been a long time no teasing him,haha!Dead Fish is working.If he free,he only will do 2
things:either play basketball with Zhi Wei or go to find his gf.Now just left me,Eu Jinn,Kar Hui
Chih Pei andPoh Yong goyang kaki at home.I want to watch movie,ktv,shopping,moutain
climbing,jogging,play badminton and basketball and craping with you guys !!

8.Clean my house
- Erm.. i think 5% possible and 95% impossible.I will try my best.

- I used to play badminton and cycling everyday but now I am a typical pig.So i need to go
jogging,play badminton and mountain climbing with friends.

10.Watch HK's drama
- I still have 2 HK's drama to finish.I need to finish it before I go to MMU.

I Get It !!

Today once I woke up,I went to checked post box.It was empty.I have been waiting for MMU's offer letter for one weekand I checked post box everyday.All my frends got the letter but I havent get it until now.It caused me into inquietude.I killed my time with tv,music and online which purposed to release my stress.Soon,I got my offer letter.MMU offered me engineering but I prefer to IT.I told brother about this and said I wanted to change to IT.Anyway I m so happy now and cant wait for get myself into MMU !! I found out something on guidelines on dress code during orientation programme 2007 of MMU.

Female students are advised to bring along black skirt for official ceremonies.
I am dying.So kolot la !! I just got one skirt but I dont wear it....bla bla bla.

Have a nice day.

p/s:1.Brother is coming back on next tuesday.*wink
2.May be going to mountain climbing with frends on Sunday morning.*wink wink

Moody Monday

As usual I woke up and took my breakfast.Then I blogged.Once I finished my last sentence, pc 'hang'.It turned me down.So i watched tv while enjoying my lunch (Nasi lemak+Honey star+potato chips).EAT+TV= recharge my mood.Sonner or later my stomach was aching but it wasnt influence on my mood.I rewrite my blog.Luckily my blog was saved automatically just now.No need to rewrite.*wink.Then i watched tv.After that I blogged since my mood was ok and got so many things to write.I wrote 3 blogs and when I wanted to post my blog,my pc was 'hang' again..I felt kind of down in the dumps.Everything just went wrong !!I didnt feel like like doing anything.Luckily friends cheer me up.Thank u guys.Muakzz....

p/s:I should have finished writing my blog on monday but stupid pc dragged my feet.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Easter Saturday

I drove again.This time I drove from Hi-Tech Park to home.Everything was ok until mum and sis keep nagging me.

"Dont overline."
"It's time to change gear liao la.U wanna drag the car until rosak r?"
"Faster !The light gonna turn to red."
"Y u potong the car in front of u so slow?Cant b like this.It's dangerous."
"Step on gas!"

Anyway,we reached home safety.I asked them to give me some comments,Here is their comment:PENGSAN !! Next time I will drive as steady as a rock and safety.

I went to St Anne Hall with mum for charity foods and dance carnival at 4pm.I helped my mum and aunties to set up our booth.I was 'Minister of Finance'.This job looked as easy as pie but I was tired of standing for 2 hours and had to give up my hobby:EAT.Anyway i enjoyed myself by eating jawa mee n kuih which were sold at our booth.I also did my research.Searching for lengzai!Unfortunately there was only got lenglui but didnt have any lengzai....swt.Girls,BM doesnt have any lengzai.Dont go there.Hehe.I really got a kick out of listening to aunties talk.They said some very funny things.It was hilarious.After that,I sat down to count coupons for 2 hours.Sakit punggung!Our booth earned RM3440.Nice number.I should go to buy toto,haha!Then we went home at 10.15pm.This has been a long day.I was totally beat and went to bed at 12.45am.

Hapless Day

I went to watch movie with frends on sun nite.Zheng Xian parked his car outside pacific coz he was worrying there was not enough parking in pacific.That time was raining cats n dogs n Zheng Xian didn’t hv an umbrella in his car.So we all decided to rush out of car.We all became wet chicken n 4 of us wore sport shoes except Kar Hui. (rough luck 1)The water soaked through our shoes.My Nike !! (rough luck 2)I m the wettest chicken among them.(rough luck 3)

We headed towards Mega and purchased tickets.We chose Sunshine.Once we entered cinema I was sondering why this movie looked like Shooter.I asked Zheng Xian:V bought Sunshine n we entered correct hall,didn’t we?Zheng Xian went to counter and asked about it.The ticket seller had sold wrong tickets for us. (rough luck 4).Swt.We had no choice so juz continued watching the movie.As I were enjoying my movie,there was a malay couple were sitting behind us n keep talking.It was disturbing!I hate people talks when I watch movie.I turned back twice to shu them but it was unheeded.. (rough luck 5) Sooner or later I cant put up wif them.I felt I wanna splash my coke to them.I turned back again n scolded them:silent please!! n following by a malay man.Finally they zip their mouth.If wanna watch movie then dont talk.If wanna talk then don’t go to watch movie.Please respect the movie,audience and urself !!

After that we went to auto city but v juz stick around awhile only coz Zheng Xian wanted to ask about singing competition while Kar Hui,Poh Yong n I were loitering about by lepaking.Then we went home.Once I arrive at home I got gastralgia. (rough luck 6).Pity me !!Then I zz since I got nothing to do and not feeling well.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My 1st driving after driving test

I went to pizza hut wif sis n her bf on thurs nite.As I entered pizza hut,I juz listened 2 my fav song but i didnt noe wat's the song's name n singer.Then i asked the waiter.He juz got shocked by my ques n he said dont noe.Nvm i will find it in one day.After dinner v went hm.

Yeah!Its time to show my driving skill.I drove around my tmn.It was a big diff when u drive at nite.I cant c clearly.SWEAT!I drove 2 Apao's hs.Un4tunately her mum told me tht she fell asleep d.I get shocked coz juz 915pm only.Wat a typical pig la u,Apao!!*U did not hear this from me.Then i drove to Eu Jinn's hs but he was bz.He didnt trust i drove n he even jeering me in his blog.Humph!!U better bhave urself.I will do revenge!Then i drove bc since v were so boring.My sis n her bf said I almost bump into tree when i was parking.I had to admit my parking was suck.I was wondering how i past my driving test coz
1.I didnt tie safety belt. (My sis n her bf didnt realize it till i told them)
2.I didnt stick 'P' on car. (I havent buy it until now)
I got 17 of 20 in my driving test.It was suck n i almost bumped into other car during my test.I expected i could get at least 18.Can i retest?(stupid ques)Here is 3 marks I lost in my driving test.
1.Guna isyarat lampu/tangan dengan betul. (X)
2.Guna brek kaki dan tangan dengan betul. (X)
3.Menggunakan gear sesuai mengikut kelajuan. (X)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My IQ is 100 ?!

Your IQ Is 100
Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Average

My IQ is 100.I admit my logical intelligence is below average.My msn fren get 110 but his logical intelligence also get below average haha n he doesnt 1 to admit bout it.Hey fren,juz accept the truth ok.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My last weekend


As usual,I went to Buddhist Hermitage Lunas with my mum at 5.30a.m. (Sure u guys suprise y could i woke up so early rite?It wont b so hard to get up at 5.30a.m.I m used to getting up early every saturday,but juz 4 saturday !I m used to keep late hrs..)After having my breakfast at thr,I went hm directly n continued my dream with Uncle Zhou until 12.30p.m.Then I had my dinner:sandwich,online,watched drama n listened to music.Wat a BORING day !Luckily Kar Hui called me n asked me whther 1 to play badminton or not.So Kar Hui,her fren:Zheng Xian n I went to Kelang Lama 2 play badminton.V booked 1 hr but v played 1 n half hr coz nobody halau us also,haha.Kar Hui n I planned to go 4 movie at nite with frends but Zheng Xian couldnt go so the plan was canceled.Well it hv been quite a let-down not to watch movie with lovely frends.So i went to Apao'hs.As v were watching our fav show:Project Superstar,Keong called Apao n asked us go outside 2 eat.Apao,Keong,Kar Hui,Eu Jinn n I went to Lemon Tree.V ordered so mny foods esp Ng Eu Jinn this hungry ghost !*Eu Jinn,I m juz telling the truth only.The waiter's service was so bad.The beverage Eu Jinn ordered he didnt serve n the food nobody ordered he served.If i m the boss i will ask him to piss off.Anyway,cozy feeling dine in.I ate devouringly,like a v were enjoying our foods,I asked them some stupid questions.Here is our topic:

They all zha dao..
“酱 sotong是什么?”
“ Sotong码是那个头三角型的咯!”
“乌贼码是sotong咯!只是人家都叫 sotong。”

Sorry guys 4 making u all zha dao by me.After having our dinner/supper,i went 2 Apao hs again coz i overnite at her hs.She dl songs 4 me.Thz u.Giv u a big big kiss.Muakzz.then v went 2 bed at 1.45a.m.V didnt crap so much on tht nite coz v exhausted.I fell into a deep slumber as i was pooped.Well,Tht is basically wat happened throughout the day.


Woke up at 7a.m. coz watched "Love in Harvard" with Apao but i watched till i fell asleep coz i was too tired.I was wondering y Apao could wake up so early n watch tv..She is 'overdiligent' in watching tv,she is PRO.Should call her 'Tv Queen" or couch potato.Mum came n picked me up at 9.30a.m.(Mummy,y u picked me up so early?I hv not enough zz !!) Well,thr was some reason my mum wanted me bc to hm so early.She asked me to eradicate weed of the ground in front of my house.I juz eradicated randomly.Me n my parent went to SP to visit sis n dad's fren.V had dinner with his frends.Dad's fren asked me:"Whr u futher ur studies?" "MMU." "Law?" Speechless Then v sent sis bc to her hs n v went to tesco.After tht v went bc 2 dad's hs n overnite at thr.

Well,tht's wat i did during my last weekend.