Monday, December 10, 2007

DONT READ unless u r boring

Saw these from website.
I love it.

The price is CHEAP !!
Sorry is Very x 281739 CHEAP....

I want to buy but my height is limited.
I wish I can grow more 5cm.
God please give me 5cm.
I need it.
Huemin A :I want to to buy.
Huemin B :Dont daydream.U r not enough tall to wear this.
Huemin A :But I really like them.
Huemin B :Wake up!
Huemin A :Ok i should stop dreaming.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Waste !!

Woke up late for campus.
Sorry la I slept at 645a.m. because something just ruined my mood.
Read my oldest post:I want to know the TRUTH.
Once reached class Mei Yee keep scolding me.
Today lecturer discussed past year midterm paper with us.
Eugene didnt bring the paper so I shared with him.
Manatau he took my paper and shared with Harsh.
Zha Dao!!
Not paying fully attention during class.
Daydream and craping with Meiyee and Zao Huei.

Then Probability tutorial class.
Our tutor was angry because nobody answered her question and do the tutorial.
She said:I m not RUGI also.
I think the IS would like ????
She asked us to complete the exercise in text book.
We told her Mdm. Assliza haven teach yet.
Ok..u cant believe what she said.
She:Nvm tomorrow she will teach u all and after her class is my class so i wil give u all a quiz.
Speechless la oi!

Went to pay tuition fee after class.
Forgot to take back my cimb card and IC from counter.

Luckily Kah Min was standing beside me.
How careless are you,Miss Ang!

Went home and gave sandwich maker to uncle.
Watched drama and ate cintan.
But I still hungry.

Went to library.
Wanted to study but not in mood.
And i am blogging in library now.

I need some foods!!
I miss MMU Mcd!

Ang Hue Min,
Dont waste your time.
Go to study la wei !!

I m off.

I want to knoe the TRUTH

Received an e-mail from Sharon.
Read it.

Threaten by MMU english lecturer Mr. S***s**.

Today morning 8.34am, while I was still sleeping suddenlly my phone rang a called from No. 06-25235** by Mr.S***s** .
The Conversation
Mr.S***s** : Are you Y*** H**.
Me : yes I am.
Mr. S***s** : Mr S***s** here, you just wake up from sleeping?
Me : yes sir.
Mr.S***s** : How was your english exam, is it ok?
Me : Not very confident.
Mr.S***s** : When is your last paper? what subject?
Me : Wednesday, Physic.
Mr.S***s** : I need to meet you up at 9.00am, can you make it?
Me : what's time now?
Mr.S***s** : 8.40am
Me : OK Sir
Mr.S***s** : Nevermind change to 9.30am
Me : OK Sir no problem.
Then I wake up quickly to wash my face and brush my teeth. 9.20am I was waiting Mr.S***s** outside his room ACR 30*4, on that time he was not inside his room. I wait until 9.28am Mr.S***s** is come, when he open his room he saw his roommate is there then he tell me there is exam answer sheet at his table and Im not allow to enter. (during he told me, he make a signal say his roommate is there). Then he decide to change venue to ch*ms*y lab, only both of us inside ch*ms*y lab.
Conversation Inside Ch*ms*y lab
Mr. S***s** : your english result really terrible, you will fail your final, now your answer sheet at another lecturer's room, they will check your paper by today and key in your marks tomorrow. I can help you to make you pass, I will ask some people to take out the answer sheet, after that I will give you a new answer sheet and answer you copy down all the answer. You find a place for both of us only to meet up again. But I need some money to pay for the person who help you. How much you can pay for it?
Me : I dont know the price. How much I need to pay??
Mr.S***s** : Need about thousand. If you take supplementary at second week, it already late for you to continue English 2 because 2nd semester is short semester only 8 weeks. But if you retake english 1 again it is very toublesome because you will join International Student they don't like to study and bad attitude that might affect your study.
Me : I don't have that much money.
Mr.S***s** : How much do you have now.
Me: I only have RM100++ in my account, my father not going to bank in money for me again because I will back on Wednesday, this amout of money enough for me to use in this few days.
Mr.S***s** : You give me your cellphone I sell it to get money. (Nokia N95)
Me : ... (quiet)
Mr.S***s** : You go back consider 1st, I will call you again.
Me : OK...
But he din't call me again...I'm not going to pay him even 1sen.I choose to retake or take supplementary paper.My International friend told me, Mr.S***s** charge RM250 per hour for extra lesson. Mr.Thum*** my physic lecturer gave us alot of free extra classes he never charge us even 1 ringgit, be worth I evaluate Mr.Thum*** Rate 5.First time I meet this case in my life, unbelievable a lecturer can do this such of thing on his student. Really shame on him. Wasted I evaluate him Rate 4.Ch*ms*y lab have CCTV, if anyone can get the video around 9.35am to 9.50am 8/10/2007 that will be evidence. But just can prove we met, because the CCTV does not record our conversation.All MMU students, you all are very welcome to give comments about this case.
Andy told me about this before having last paper in final.I got shock and like wat?R u serious?It just made me not in mood to sit for the paper.
I almost forget this case until I read an e-mail from Sharon.It just ruined my mood and make me cant fall asleep although now is 5.30a.m.
I know who is the lecturer.He was my English lecturer when first sem.Read my oldest post:UNI LIFE.I was praising him in my blog and guess wat?I evaluate him rate 5!I dont know whether it is true or not.What i hope is she/he slanders Mr.Shamsul and Mr.Shamsul never bribe.
I want to know the TRUTH!!Who can tell me?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Uni Life

I was supposed to update my blog last month ago,
but being the procastinator that I am,
coupled with no internet at home+lazy+busy,
I am only doing this now.

Started my uni life on 18th of June.
Moral and Ethics Studies
Wonder why only IT's students have to take moral studies.
May be most IT's student dont have moral coz they will hack others com?
First day all lectures told us when we will have our mid term exam.
I hate this subject coz the lecture is so boring.
Some more need to do presentation around 45 minutes + 15 minutes drama and video clip.
Luckily my group was the last group to present,
This week we dont have moral lesson coz lecture said :I got personal problem.
Hooray !!
But we still need to replace on next week.

Introductory Physics
Another boring subject.
Sometimes i cant pay attention on it.
Sien !!
Yesterday when I went to lab only have been told today class cancel.
Kek si me !!
Woke up at 7 a.m. and told me no class....
I just know Pn.Aini got emergency.
Today during IT Mathematics,
a man told us that Pn Aini fell down yesterday so need to do operation.
And our lecture is change.
Hope Pn Aini recover soon.

Computer Application and Programming In Visual Basic
Mr.Abdul Malik was teaching me this subject and he is my Academic Advisor.
He is expert in this but when he starts to teach,
seem likes nobody will concentrate on this.
Everytime tutorial can see so many people not paying attention include me haha.

English I
Dont know why all friends hate English I but I love it coz our lecture is good.
Our lecture,Mr Shamsul loves to joke and his teaching never make me feel sleepy.
Worry about my english test.
Need to write an essay with 5 paragragh in 30 minutes.
Xiao eh !

IT Mathematics
I love my lecture.
She is 20++ and she always says:actually i m same with u guys.I m still young.
She loves to jokes and today she gave us guessing game.
Kena zha dao by her few times.

Thats all about it.I will update my blog next week again.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Orientation Week

MMU's orientation week was crazy !!
Asked us to gather in te main field at 6.30a.m with sport attire.
Sis said if cant stand fot it then just skip it.
So I sms my OC,Sathya and lied to him that I was not feeling well and went at 8a.m. the next morning.
Once I reached there all freshie just finished their breakfast.
Khang Li said so worried about me coz before that was some freshie was late and has been punished.
Luckily i went came in right time.
How lucky I am.
Omg !!
Forgot what we have done after breakfast d.
And I got flu on first day!!
Thats all about it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Registration Day

Woke up at 8++ coz Zhi Wei said he would come to meet with us around 10.Mana tau he told us he would arrive at here around 11.Sweat!Planned to walk to mmu but Khang Li said her parents will fetch us to mmu.Once her parents reached there,her mum suggested walk to mmu.Haiz....have to walk.
Malacca is really hot !! Sweat like dog.Didnt get wat foreign OC said to me coz his slang was so weird haha.
After that back to home and rest.Went to main field at 330p.m.Thought got activity mana tau juz stupid nonsence.Sort wan la....who can tahan stand in field in this weather?! Juz torture us only.
Thats all about it.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

First Day

Reached Mlc early in the morning.Bro's fren came to fetch us to my apartment.First Thought when i saw the aprtment:wau!!So beautiful.Then went to buy tilam and cupboard with bro and Eu Jinn.Bro's fren,Li yan came to fetch us to JJ to take lunch and buy things.Li Yan is MMU's tutor but she doesnt teach us.Went back to house again.Li Yan's fren who also a MMU's tutor is our neighbour....Sent bro to bus stop then went tesco with Eu Jinn.He belanja me ate Secret Recipe,yummy!!Went to cc at night coz too boring d.Thts all about my first day in mlc.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Rushed to dad's house.
After coming from there,I was lying on sofa for few minutes then rushed to Kulim and BM.
Rushed to eat laksa with Zhen Xian.
Rushed to Apao's house.
Rushed to go to dinner with Yoke Yen.
Rushed back to pack.
Rushed to bus stop.

At cc with Eu Jinn now.Both of us too boring d so decided to lepak at there.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Horoscope Of Tuesday

Copy this from Friendster.
You have much more power than you think you do -- just with positive thinking, you can create a good day today, no matter how the morning starts.
It's important that you not let how you feel when you wake up dictate how you feel throughout your day.
The day's events are not set in stone.
As each minute ticks by, you can take it and make it what you want it to be.
Your brilliance is apparent when you turn a cloudy day into a sunshiny one.
Will be leaving to malacca after 22 hours.
Supposed to enjoy movie with friends now but canceled.
Sitting in front of pc and chatting with friends.
Today is my last day at here.
Plan to go for movie in evening but dont know can go or not.
Yoke Yen will visit me later.
Yeah !! Cant wait to see him.
Too bad he doesnt bring his gf.
I want to bright up my day with family and friends.
I will miss u guys.

Friday, June 1, 2007


Still left 5 days to go..
Going back to hometown.
Ah Gong is sick.
Hope he get well soon.

Got few friends sms at KS.
Wey Yi asked me to go Auto City with her to see Tank.
Zhen Xian asked me go for movie today.
Shi Yu asked me go to supper.
Too bad I cant go bacause I am at KS now.
How to go?

This few days ate too much choclate.
But I am not as sweet as choc.
Sometimes I can be sweet if my mood is good.
I can be bitter when I moody.

I think this few days will be very busy.
Busy packing.
Busy going to ama's house.
Busy hang out with frends.
And yeah!!Bro and sis will coming back on saturday.
Must ask bro to repair computer.
Need to watch Heroes and Ugly Betty before going to Melacca but I think I cant finish Heroes because I just watched 2 episods only.At least I should finish Ugly Betty.Still left 3 or 4 episods only..
If I study as hardworking as watch drama,my spm wont got 6A only!!
I will study hard when I go to MMU.
Sorry is study smart.
Must beat bro badly because he always jeering me that I cant do well in my studies.

Shit ! I need to go to hair cut before Tuesday.
My hair looks like a xiao po.

Havent list out what should I buy when I go to Melacca.
Mum said bring clothes can d because me and bro will go there by bus.
Too bad we are not going with car or else I can bring pc and continue my drama at there.
And my desk which was made by my dad.
Hopefully sis pass her exam and follow Swee Ping go back to Melacca then can ask her to bring pc and desk for me.
Hopefully bro buy sis a new laptop then she will give me her old laptop so I no need to use pc anymore.But i still prefer to pc.Dont know why.
Cant live without pc and desk.
How I gonna do my homework,online,watch drama,listen songs without pc?
How I gonna do my homework,study,writing without desk?
Ok,there is one thing call LIBRARY.
I think I will do all my things in library.
Homework,study,online,sleep (When I study till sien) and eat (curi makan la of course) because library got everything that I want.
Air con,computer,books,desk.

Last but not least,Dexter Ng,I had change my music so u can stop the music anytime.No more complain.


Followed uncle and Ayi went to Kuala Selangor.
Have been a long didnt go to my uncle's house and I was so hyper!!
Reached there in the evening.
Nothing much about first day.
Watched CSI and NCIS.
Love these show so much!!

Watched HK drama which was recommened by cousin,Awei.
Also mothing much about that day because watched drama whole day.

That day was fun because we went to JJ for SHOPPING!!
We decided to take lunch first then only got energy to shop.
There was SALES in Popular and JJ!!
Bought a book:The Darwin Conspiracy.
Actual price was RM45.80 and now just RM29.90!!
Plan to buy a book for my sis and some novels for myself but too bad I didnt bring too much $$.
Then hunted for clothes.
Saw many clothes were sold with unbelievable price but they wasnt nice.
Just ok for me only.
Tried many long pants but all not suit.
A bit pek cik with that.
Finally found a long pant and it was in pink!!
Love it.......
Bought 2 tees which one for myself and another one for my mum as her birthday present.
First time had same tee with mum just different colour only.
Shop till I ws broke and had to borrow $$ from Ayi.
But it is worth!!

Woke up at 11 something.
Continued my drama.
Took a nap with cousin.
Woke up and drama again....

Blogging now.
It is 3a.m. !!
Cant fall asleep because just now zz too much d.
Going back at 730a.m.
I think I am gonna zz in the car.


Went to buddhist camp with Kar Hui,Cai Theng,Aunty Cecilia and my adik angkat,Ah Ze.
Me,Kar Hui and Cai Theng were 'Ai Xin Jie Jie'....sound sarcastic because I am impatient with children.No matter how cute they are,if they cry I feel I want to cekik them!
Luckily this camp got 30 kids (standard1-6) took part only.
Reached there too early and got nothing to do.
Saw few aunties and other teeanges were busy doing their stuff.
Cai Theng and I felt that they dont know how to carry on and we expected this camp wont go through well.
Had 'zao ke'early in the morning and I keep yawning.
They shouldnt have 'zao ke' because it was kinda boring and the children didnt know what it means also.
Then breaking..
My groups was so quite.Unlike Cai Theng and Kar Hui's group,their children was so active!!
After lunch they were given half an hour to prepare for drama.
Gosh ! Half an hour only!! How to prepare?! They are not superman la..
Gave some ideas and helped them.
A kid from my group:Xuan Qing was funny and gila.Kena 'shake' by him few times pulak !
Our drama was funny and we won.
Later on we had game.
Again.Our group won!!The game need patient and co-operation and they did it!Proud of them.
Had 'wan ke'..pengsan.
Pei Yong they all keep do I because funny things happened!
Game again after dinner.
I won the game,haha!
Another kid from my group (shit!I had forgot his name.) was playing guess game with me.Kena fooled by a 9 years old kid..swt....
Had supper and went back at 9 ++.
Wanted to watch my heroes but computer rosak........
Nothing to do so zz......
Actually I got many things to share with you guys about my camp but I am malas to type.

Monday, May 28, 2007

School Life 4

I was supposed to update my blog few days ago,but being the procrastinator that I am,I m only doing this now at my uncle's house,Kuala Selangor.

Thusday was my last day in school.Had assembly early in the morning.Sien ~~Oh ya,congrats to smkk chinese/english debate team.U guys r the best!!Keep yawning and legs was pain of standing for a long period.After assembly,had presentation.Boring la !! No idea with that harun who gave us those stupid task.Each group had to sing school's song,present school map and a nuage!!Our group were most special because Harun asked us no need to present da school's map.Yipeeeee~~Our presentation less then 1 minute.Harun said:"Kumpulan ini cukup pantas."Who asked you to give us these task.Thiagu's team presentation was funny especially he and Balu.Cant tahan these guys!!Oh ya,Thiagu also will go to mmu with us.Cant imagine how he gonna survive at there hehe.I started to curi makan and listened song while other group were busy doing their presentation.I know I was impolite by not paying attention but my stomach was growling like....and damn sleepy so i need to entertain myself.Saw Poh Yong,Kar Hui and Sobana also curi makan,hoho~~Call us glutton!Finished presetation almost 11a.m.We were asked to angkat desks and chairs to our class.Our class was so far and need to climb ladder.The most stupid thing i ever did was when I angkat chair to class,I only realized there was some chairs in our class d.Heart attack..... Helped Nabilah to angkat desk and saw Zhan Xing was standing outside of class so asked him to help us,haha.I told Ah Hiang that I wanted to share desk with him because it was my last day in school so no need to angkat desk la.He was so cunning.He asked me to go angkat desk or else he wont sit with me.Pengsan!I just ignored him and let him angkat by himself,hehe.Chit chat with friends in class after cleaning the class.Went back at 1.10p.m.

Here i come,MMU

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

School Life 3

Today school was fun because no more TAKLIMAT.Continued our guessing game.Kena fooled by Kar Hui pulak.Laugh out loud till I turned on the waterworks.I think me,Kar Hui and Poh Yong were the noisiest among other students.Cikgu Harun distributed us into 10 groups and gave us task.First task was learn how to sing our school’s song.Luckily my group all was former students in smkk except Kar Hui.Second task was drawing school’s map.What a nuage!Third task was Cikgu Harun gave one title to each other group and asked us to do presentation.He sort wan.Then we were brought to library.Get our third task’s title:Pembelajaran di matrikulasi hanya untuk pelajar yang cemerlang.Ya atau tidak?Walao eh our title was tough comparing with other groups.Later on Pn.Teo bla bla bla about package again:Geografi.Sien!!She should explain to those who are interested in art stream only.Saw Ah Hiang fell asleep,haha.
Draw school’s map during recess.Erm..should say only Poh Yong draw and I just standing at there and lepaking.Ok,my drawing is failed..(finding excuse,hehe).Then I taught Kar Hui to sing our school’s song.Lee Ping they all were complaining our school’s song was hard to sing and the lyric was weird.She sang sml’s song to me.I think it was much better than smkk,haha.Poh Yong joined me to taught Kar Hui and Ze Sen after she finishing her map.Me and Poh Yong keep singing tank’s song to influence on Kar Hui and Ze Sen esp me always sang tank:Fei Ni Mo Shu.I love to sing when my mood is good and nobody can stop me!!After that we had jamuan before going back.I think this jamuan is the best I ever have in school.

On the way to home that was an accdent happened.Saw a highschool student died of bumped by a lorry.Wondering whose fault…..I think may be decedent langgar lampu isyarat then kena bumped by lorry.Haiz..tomorrow read newspaper then will know it liao lo.

Tomorrow gonna be the last day in school.Hope everything end up well.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finally I'm getting to BUSY

Go school as usual.Luckily today was not boring as yesterday because I read novel that lent from Pei Wen while teacher was bla bla bla....Not paying attention at all because teacher was explain about package and it was boring u know?!Can u imagine Huemin is paying attention when teacher is explaing,teaching or briefing?Ya,she will do this unless she is sort jor or stimulated.Then Poh Yong and I started to play guessing game since we were boring and sleepy.I managed to guess some right.I m clever,ain't I?*Sorry for being so perasaan.Suddenly Poh Yong beat me.I just like:Ar huh?Wondering why she beat me.“U know your voice is too loudly?If teacher don’t talk then whole hall can hear ur voice!”Paiseh la that time I was hyper.Kar Hui and Lee Ping joined our guessing game.Laugh out loud.We planned to go for badminton on Friday and Saturday.And not to forget MOVIE!! I haven’t watched movie for ages and I want to!Went to koperasi and canteen during recess.Bought some junk foods.We were sitting in canteen and chit chat awhile.Teasing Ah Hiang about lending him my baju kurung,haha.

Then its time to sleep again.Forgot to tie my hair until Cikgu Ashikeen came.Luckily didn’t kena scold by her.Out of sudden she checked whether we got buy buku peraturan or not.I throw it last year.Luckily I managed to change my seat to Lee Ping’s beside and Pey Wen past her buku peraturan to me after teacher checking her row.Few~ ~ So lucky!Ate foods when teacher was blab la bla.I admit I never have been a good student since highschool.Cikgu Harun asked us to hug our friend and funny thing happened.We saw stupid vitus try 2 hug his new friend but he seem was dying to hug that guy.We could feel that guy was tortured by him,haha!

Went to eat laksa befor going back.Get Eu Jinn’s sms when I was on the way to home.Said he would come to my house at 2 something.Saw him drove and ingat he pretend not to see me.Luckily he patah balik to fetch me or else I will kill him.Reached home at 2 something I think.Took bath,lunch and washed clothes while he studied.Then watched tv at 3pm sambil read and sembang,hehe.I was so talkative,keep talking with Eu Jinn till I just studied a bit only.Asked Eu Jinn go play badminton on Friday but he couldn’t make it and he reminded me that I have to go Buddhist Kulim on Friday.Eu Jinn&Kevin,I m gonna tax u guys after getting the scholarship.And Eu Jinn,u still owe me Secret Recipe!!

Took a nap around 5pm.My elbow still pain!Watched Ugly Betty as usual.Love her so much although she is not as pretty as Amanda and Alexis,she is smart!Bro called mum and told her that he will bring me to Melaka on 5th night by bus.Then after arriving at there he will borrow his friend’s car and bring me to buy what I need.Haiz..I don’t like to go there by bus la.Mum called Eu Jinn’s mum to ask her whether Eu Jinn want to follow us or not.His mum said not confirm yet.Hope he will go with me at least I wont be so boring at there.

I think tonight I m gonna sleep at 2 or 3 because just now slept too much d!

Monday, May 21, 2007

School Life 2

Today was a boring day.
I’m going to have orientation 3 days berturut-turut.
And today just the beginning.

Pendaftaran Pelajar
Nothing special about it.

Pemeriksaan Diri Pelajar
Teacher checked our hair,shoes,tie and badge.Luckily I tied my hair but it looked messy.Who cares?I m going to quit on Thursday.

Taklimat Program
Cikgu Harun still the same:LAME

Taklimat MUET
Sir Zainurin gave us some advice about it and we were given last year MUET paper(October).He asked us to read the passage and underline the words we cant understand.Then he would like to ask some of us to explain about the passage.I just like :Wat?R u kidding? I just at random read.Guess how many words I couldn’t understand? 25!!Omg!Need to improve my English.The most terrible was MUET’s format would change on next year and there might be no more objective!!Stunned.

Ucapan Perasmian Oleh Pengetua
Started to doze off.

Ucapan Pengenalan Oleh PK Pentadbiran
Cikgu Rosli talked a lot and with his cool jokes.Everyone seem liked not enough sleep and cooled by his jokes.

Ucapan Pengenalan Oleh PK Hem
Fell asleep and almost toppled,haha.Call me pig.

Penglibatan dan Pemarkahan Kokurikulum
Sir Ramani said:Saya akan terang secara ringkas.His ringkas was 1 hour but at least he is better than Cikgu Rosli.

That’s all for my second day in school.The teachers were torturing my ears and to be continued.No !!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

True Feeling

Going to MMU soon.
Before this was looking forward to go to Melacca asap.
Coz have been boring for few months.
But now I have change my mind.
I dont want separate with my family and friends
Though want them to be with me forever,
it is impossible.
Next week is school holidays.
Plan to hang out with buddies.
Will appreciate time with them.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Yesterday wasn't my day.
Took a nap in afternoon.
Suddenly heard somebody called my name.
Awake with a start.
Who called me?
I didn't care so much about it.
Juz continued zz.
Saw few scars when I woke up.
May be I had horrible dream and scratched myself.
Who knows?

Watch tv at nite.
Out of sudden power cut.
Wanted to take bath also cannot.
So went to Apao's house.
Search for a song also need 20 minutes something.
Edit my blog till a bit pek cik.
Eu Jinn came to Apao's house and sembang with us awhile.
He really wu liao wan.

Went home at 10.30p.m.
Rushed to bathroom to bath.
Nose bleeding.
Blood tersekat in my throat.
Try to vomit and swallow but failed.
It was disgusting !!

What a BAD DAY !!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Some people said blogging isn't good because it is privacy and shouldn't let others read our blog.
Sometimes I have to agree with it.
Exp:Last time I post
Then friends asked me about it.
I didn't tell them the truth because truth always hurt people.

Sometimes just feel want to write what I feel and express my feeling.
But everytime when I feel want to write something that I should write I will think the effect first.
How does she/he feels if I write something badly about her/him?
She/he will bears a grudge about me?
Or she/he will get hurt by my words?
Then I will stop writing about her/him.

Last time Da Fu told me that he had a blog which is privacy and he never let people know about it coz he had wrote his secret in that blog.
Should I let the cat out of the bag and cuss someone in my blog?I know it might be hurt somebody but who cares?This is my blog and i can write anything I like.
Or should I create another blog which is privacy and nobody can read that except me?This blog will show my true colours.Then I will reveal my/her/his secret and of coz nobody wil get hurt.


Anyone give me comment about it?

BED time

I failed..
I broke my promise.
Should go to bed before 12.30a.m.
But hit the hay almost 2a.m..
And wake up around 10/11++.
Still left 3 weeks to go.
Wonder if I go to mmu how to wake up at 7++ if I zz at 2 or 3 something.
I dont want sleep at 2/3 then wake up at 7++ on next day.
4/5 hours is not enough for me!!
I need to sleep at least 6 hours.
Quite dissaponted with myself.
Friends always ask me go to bed when time turns to 12.30a.m.
Some of them even sms me to remind me it's time to sleep.
Wanna say thank you guys..
I will try to sleep before 12.30a.m.
Sorry is must!!
Scold me if I dont get to my bed before 12.30a.m.
Squeeze me if I dont wake up before 9a.m.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Boring Queen

Read Friendster's horoscope juz now.
Boredom is a possibility today -- do your best to avoid it.
Entertain yourself.
Even though your mind is quite invigorated today, you will have trouble finding an outlet for your mental energy.
Boredom is a distinct possibility, but you should do your best to avoid it right now.
Be prepared to entertain yourself with amusing books, videos, music or excursions.
The people you usually turn to for laughs and fun may not have time for you today, so you'll be on your own for a while.
So accurate!!
I hate boredom and I try my best to avoid it with books and music.
Yesterday mum asked me go to bangkok for meditation.
Today morning she told me fulled d.
Just now she said if the ticket is cheap then she will let me go.
Checking Air Asia's ticket now.
God please bless me.

School Life 1

Woke up at 6a.m.
Juz slept 4 hours only.

Took a bath then stood in front of mirror few minutes coz didnt noe how to tie my hair.
Changed my hair style and looked so ugly.
Ewww !!

Kar Hui called me before I going to bus stop.
She wouldn’t trust till I wear school uniform and appear in front of her.
First day went to school hujan pulak !!
Saw my ex-classmates:Dithiaya,Shobana,Nabilasha, Nabilah,Najihah,Dhuratul,Aini,Azliana,Zai
Sat in canteen to wait for registration.
So sien….
Kar Hui looked like a panda coz she didn’t zz whole nite,hehe..
After registration still sat at there and boring..
Suddenly Ze Sen told us that staple stabbed into her finger.
And she still keep laughing.
Luckily Xue Ying helped her to pull out it.
Lower 6 no need to go to school until Monday.
Izzit good news or bad news for me?I don’t noe.

Friends for Life

Guess wat?
Went jogging with Poh Yong,Zhi Wei,Chih Pei and Keong.
I'm not a pig !!
Then we ate bread sambil feeding fishes.

Went yam cha with Poh Yong,Kar Hui,Eu Jinn,Zhi Wei and Keong.
Chat a lot with them.
Love to with FRIENDS.
Too bad Apao they all couldnt go coz they are having their exam.
I told Eu Jinn and Kar Hui that I would go to school on next day but they didnt believe me.
Eu Jinn even called Chih Pei to confirm about it.
We all drank tea except Kar Hui coz she said her mum told her that after drinking tea cant fall asleep.
But she drank a lot of tea after finishing her choc drink.
And she get insomnia,haha!!
Went home around 11++.
Saw Eu Jinn's dad sat on the sofa.
We all screamed:Wah!!
We guess Eu Jinn get scold by his dad.
He is a cinderella and his curfew is before 12a.m.
And guess wat?
He reached home at 12a.m.
Then sent Keong back to home.
He should be the last person to be send to home but Zhi Wei said he scare to drive alone so he sent Keong and Poh Yong then sent me back the last.
Got Eu Jinn sms :Get scold..
Felt sorry for him.
We should go back earlier.
Zhi Wei is so funny.
He is 'blind of direction'.
He couldnt recognise direction.
And got lost in Keong's tmn.

Couldnt fall asleep coz too excited haha!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shopping,Movie or Eating?

Woke up at 8.20a.m.
(Ei Ling Zun,I can wake up early!)

Went Pacific with Mona.
Please dont ask me why girls love shopping.
This is natural.
We proposely want to buy long pants and black skirt (Mona wanted to buy only,I didnt plan tobuy it) for stupid MMU official ceremonies.
But Mona asked me go to watch movie with her..
Hoi !Said want to buy clothes but want go for movie?Apalah u Mona !!
Since she was dying wanted to watch movie then ma accompany her lo.
She said:I want to watch Spirit Of The Victim.
I said:Huh?Ghost again r?Dont want la.Watch Next la.My idol,Nicholas Cage acted wan.
Then we tried to persuade each other to watch the movie that we prefer to.
So no need to watch movie la.

After that Mona's cousin fetch us to Bkt Jambul.
Haiz..I m so regret why i went there.
Although the clothes were super cheap if compared with Pacific,
really cant tahan coz the clothes looked very auntie !!
Want me to wear auntie's clothes?
I rather go to 'long pia'.

Our stomach were making 'revolution'.
So we decided to go for lunch.
Went to MD.
My favourite.
Huemin loves McDonald
I ate country grilled chicken burger,apple pie,banana pie and sundae cone.
Do not doubt about my tummy although I look small size.

After eating we were revived and continued our 'journey of shopping'.
Tried few black long pants but all too longgar.
The salegirl said I m so thin.
Not my fault!
This few days I ate a lot d but my weight still the same.
What can I do?
N most of the salegirls ingat Mona is chinese and spoke chinese or hokkien to her,haha!!
Not first time d and Mona is biasa with it d.
Got one salesgirl lagi exaggerated.
She asked me:"R u a chinese?" funny la.
I look like a malay meh?

Although my ancestor is chinese mix nyonya,
I m 95% chinese....

Went home without buying anything except eat
Get so many frens sms.
When I boring nobody sms me.
When I busy or tired sure u guys sms me.
Had a short chat with msn fren.

Went to Meiyi Bakery again.
Uncle Poh said:huemin,u ju dua ju xui..(Hokkien)
Helped auntie to take care of shop.
Haiz..I dont really like it coz
2.I dont know bread's price coz some breads dont have any price on it.
And I was loiteringly.
Killed my time with replied frends sms.
And the most important is I ate again,haha.
Butter bread,ice-cream,peanut choc tart and mihun.
Kar Hui called me juz now.
She said:"huemin,tomorrow morning wanna go play badminton?U must wake up !!"
Sound like I cant wake up early.
So tomorrow have to wake up early.
First time play badminton early in the morning.
I guess most of us will lembap lembap mia especially me.

Thats all for today.

Oh ya i had make my decision.
Tell you guys on Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Couldnt fall asleep this few days.
Insomnia I guess.
Although it's late and i suppose to hit the hay,
my body juz like not belongs to me.
Lie down and started to think.
Thinking about my future,
my life.....

Friends told me drink milk can help me to fall asleep easily.
But I forgot everytime.

Anyone can tell me how to fall asleep?

My Future Housemates

Eu Jinn
A best friend I ever have.
Noe him for 10 years.
5 years classmate and 5 years schoolmate.
May be can be his coursemate if I change to IT.
He is motherly.
He is eldest son and has 3 brothers so caused him looks like a mother..hehe.
He likes to joke and gossips.
Wat a 3 gu 6 po !!
And sometimes kena shoot by him badly..
But guan xi tio ho..
Girls he has girlfriend d !!
Too bad I dont have Eu Jinn and Jecerlyn's photo.
But please trust me that he is in relationship now.
Zhi Wei
Same with Eu Jinn, noe him for 10 years.
But not in same highschool.
Used to play badminton with him when primary school.
But he is used to play basketball.
*read the post:
He's a quick study.
Thats why he can score well in exam.
Envy of him!
Hey girls be careful of your saliva !
He is with Khang Li liao la!!
Khang Li
Noe her when I joined camp in 2003.
Went to her room to pillow's talk with her and Chia Ying.
She is such a sweet girl.
When she msg me that she will go to mmu with us I really got shocked.
I havent seen her for ages.
Miss her.
Guys she is unvailable.
So please dont ask me to intro her to you.
I dont want to kill by Zhi Wei.
Here is a sweet couple:Khang Li and Zhi Wei.
Wish u guys happy forever
And wish we live happily together

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mood Swinger

Today woke up at 11.15a.m.
Slept almost 11 hours.
PIG !!
Couldn’t sleep well coz dreamed of the 2 xiao kias.
Wat a bad dream….( Hope u two don’t mind I called u guys xiao kias.)

I juz felt like no mood to do anything which I m used to do.
No mood to study.
No mood to online.
No mood to watch tv.
No mood to listen to music.
No mood to eat.
No mood to sms.
No mood to sing.
No mood to sleep.
No mood to write blog.

I supposed to go Eu Jinn’s house to study.
Unfortunately his bro,Richard kena campak so couldn’t make it.
Luckily I didn’t infect by Richard coz yesterday I was sitting beside him and ate laksa and watched Lilo And Stitch.

Called Mona to count my thumb.
Wondered why she haven’t get MMU hostel’s reply coz me and Eu Jinn got it d.

Went to Meiyi Bakery to help aunties and uncle.
But I juz sitting at there and talking with Da Fu and Ah Bing.
Then took photo of two little kids:Ah Kai and Ah Huan.
Ah Kai is so vain!!
Keep asking me to take his photo,haha!
*upload photo soon.

Time with FRIENDS

Yesterday woke up at 9.30a.m to do housework.
Then cleaned my messy studyroom coz Eu Jinn wanna came to my house to study.
After finishing it he told me that he couldnt go to my house and asked me go to his house.
Went to his house around 3p.m.
His studyroom is more messy than mine,haha!!
So many mosquitos in the room and my legs were itchy.
I killed them by my magic hand.
Killer instinct!!
Both of us studied until want to Zz.
Luckily we were gossiping about someone to avoid Mr.Chou come to find us.
Went back home at 6p.m.

Went to CRC to watch basketball competition.
I bet with Eu Jinn that Zhi Wei's team would lose.
Sorry,Zhi Wei.
Zhi Wei's team lost by 65-71.
Nevermind,they still awarded runner-up.
Eu Jinn lose a wager.
U owe me Secret Recipe !!

Went to bed at 12.15a.m.
I broke my promise before and I was trying to 'remedial' it.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy Birthday

This post is special for Wey Yi.


Sorry no birthday present for u coz dont know how to give u also.

Wish u all the best in ur exam tomorrow.

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Today was fun.Went to eat laksa with Eu Jinn,Poh Yong,Kar Hui,Chih Pei,Keong and Zhen Xian at 2.30p.m.No idea with Eu Jinn who was dying to go early as our game start at 4.30p.m.He said after eating laksa then straight go play badminton will dyspepsia.I ate two bowl of laksa,hehe!!Dont worry i still fit.Headed for badminton although we juz finished our laksa.Eu Jinn, wat a 'straight reosoning' ! N guess wat..the guard havent come so we entered the court without permission.We started to play at 3.50p.m. until 5.50p.m. and lied to the guard that we played at 4.30p.m.So we just need to pay 1 hour $$ only.

Just now chatting with Eu Jinn in msn.He said I become prettier.Get shock when this kind of things came out from him.Here is our topic:

[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
something tell u
huemin :tired... says:
huemin :tired... says:
wat things
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
bad news
huemin :tired... says:
huemin :tired... says:
dont tell me is bout apartment.........
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
huemin :tired... says:
......u hee wat
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
kidding la
huemin :tired... says:
wat bad news
huemin :tired... says:
ma leh.....
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
u r getting beautiful
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
reali de
huemin :tired... says:
huemin :tired... says:
thz u
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
dun worry no place 2 stay la
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
coz b4 this de boy bcome a girl dy lo
huemin :tired... says:
huh?wat boy bcome girl?
huemin :tired... says:
wat r u talKing bout
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
i'm serious de
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
huemin :tired... says:
huemin :tired... says:
oh...i noe wat u mean...
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
mayb after u got bf bcome like tat gua
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
i say u xiu dy
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW
!![/c][/b] says:
huemin :tired... says:
huemin :tired... says:
but i prefer 2 single...
huemin :tired... says:
u mean i used 2 b a boy then now bcome a girl d?
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
wan me write on news paper?
huemin :tired... says:
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
dun feel shy ;la
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
mean wat?
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
but reali shock when c the photo in ur fon lo
huemin :tired... says:
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
want wat??
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
u got a bf i reali dunno de lo
huemin :tired... says:
wat really no mood in lv or wat.....
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
aiyo wei ah...dunno hav 2 show shock expression or happy...
huemin :tired... says:
ya...i hv a lot of frends haah
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
ok la
huemin :tired... says:
i really get shocK when u said i bcome prettier hehe
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
sorry 4 korek those sad things out la
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
eat dy ma??
huemin :tired... says:
sad things?
huemin :tired... says:
ya....ate d.u?
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
but reali it's true la
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
ur fon got a purple coloue shirt de photo tat day,,u delete??
huemin :tired... says:
but still feel hungry haah.....
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
tat one better
huemin :tired... says:
purple?whr got purple
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
i just eat porridge wor
huemin :tired... says:
juz got red n white only..
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
who hungrier??!!!
huemin :tired... says:
haha...juz now i also ate chic porrige..
huemin :tired... says:
huemin :tired... says:
u colour blind liao la...

huemin :tired... says:
better go 2 c doc...
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
yday i saw 1 de..but 2day no wor
huemin :tired... says:
i dont hv any purple coulour shirt...haha....
huemin :tired... says:
watever la....
huemin :tired... says:
the important is i bcome prettier rite?
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
dun b like other girl la...especially
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
huemin :tired... says:
oo.....i noe d....u mean dont maKe up rite?
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
reali wan me 2 repeat n repeat??
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
then later not xui dy
[b][c=46]the WORLD n33d us!!!SAFE THE WORLD NOW!![/c][/b] says:
i say u bcome xui liao...mayb coz of ur hair n spect la...

Wuhaha....happy-ing !!
Eu Jinn,Thank you !

What Should U Major In?

Your Scholastic Strength Is Deep Thinking

You aren't afraid to delve head first into a difficult subject, with mastery as your goal.
You are talented at adapting, motivating others, managing resources, and analyzing risk.

You should major in:

Foreign language

What kind of girl are u?

You are a Brainy Girl!
Whether you're an official student or a casual learner, you enjoy hitting the books.You know a little bit about everything, and you're always dying to know more.For a guy to win your heart, he's got to share some of your intellectual interests.A awesome book collection of his own doesn't hurt either!

Yeah ! I enjoy reading books esp some investigation and detective books.
I do love smart mans haha !!


Yesterday went to play badminton with friends.
When on the way to Kar Hui's house,
Zheng Xian screamed.
Me and Keong was by him.
He told us he saw a bird was eating on the road and Keong almost bumped into that bird.
*laugh out loud.

After playing badnminton we went home.
I took a bath and there's still time to eat something.
Then went to pacific with lesbo bf.
At first I thought she wanted to go popular to buy books coz she asked me to lend her popular card.
Rupa-rupanya was her bro wanted to buy books.
Then we went shopping.
I bought 2 tees and she was dying to buy her dream short pants.
She tried to lure me to buy short pants although she knew that I cant wear it to scl.
So bad la u !!

After that we went home.
Watched Project Superstar.
Henley won !!

Then online and chit chat with friends.
My heel was very pain.
It tortured me !



Saturday, May 5, 2007


You Are Pretty Happy
You generally have a happy, fulfilling life. But things could be a little better, and deep down, you know it.Maybe you need more supportive friends or a more challenging career.Something is preventing you from being totally happy. You just need to figure out what it is!


Stumbled but regained my balance.
Heel is bleeding.


But it doesnt influnce on my mood to play badminton with frends later.

Friday, May 4, 2007


  1. I think she had a crush on him.We used to hang out together and some of us could feel that she liked him but he wasnt like her because......
  2. XX broke up with his gf.Nobody know the reason.
  3. YY lied to his gf.He was at my home and he was lying to his gf that he was at his mum's work place.When I become ur mum?
  4. Some of us will think whether he will break up with his gf or not coz she is going overseas.
  5. My lesbo bf told me that she think AA has a crush on him.I will ask somebody for more information.
  6. DD and EE will live together but not roomate is housemate,hehe.
  7. I have no idea why she would fall in love with him.He is a playboy.Luckily they broke up long time ago.I m happy for her not wasting her times on this guy.She is single now and I think she lives happily.
  8. BB told me HH is a playboy.I dont know whether it is true or not.I will find out one day.
  9. AA remind me not to break my 2 years promise.I almost forget this promise.Can I keep my promise?I dont noe.
  10. Some people think I m a lesbian.I had some experience about it.I m not LESBIAN.I m bisexual,haha!(Hope he wont read this blog if not I will kena by him.)

I Miss YOU

I miss my siblings.
I miss my taiwan trip's frends.
I miss my former classmate.
I miss my buddies.
I miss my cousins.
I miss my teachers.
I miss my old neighbours.
I miss my camp's frends.
I miss my old frends.
I miss him.(I dont noe who is he,haha)


You Are Pretty Happy Being Single

You have a full, fun life. And you definitely don't need love to be content.
Of course, being single can get you down a little. Especially when you've been single for a while.
But you know how to be patient and wait for the right person. You're life is too good to settle for anything!

Ya..I prefer to single.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


You Are Creepy

Serial killers would run away from you in a flash.